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Online Order from TJ Kids

TJ Kids is currently having a sale online and in store until January 3rd, 2010 on selected items and 20% off on bedding.

I ordered some items off the website and picked it up from the Marine Drive store. Here’s a review of the online experience. Read the rest of this entry

Little Patch’s New Wheels!

I left Patch to decide on the stroller and he decided to get something that’s functional, hassle-free (ie. something that I will actually take out on my own) and lasts. We’ve had friends with Peg Perego and Graco who all told us not to get theirs due to various reasons such as uncomfortable handles, wheels that lose grip and control over time. Like the crib, we knew we needed to look for durability over “cuteness” since I was starting to get weak over all the cute things that I saw.

We ended up picking up the MacLaren Triumph. Before we bought it, we saw that in October 2009 there was a recall on the strollers. The recall was for the metal backing where when the stroller is folded, the slats collapse which may cause cut fingers. We went to TJ Kids and test drove a few strollers. The MT was noticeably heavier than most umbrella strollers by 3-4 pounds. But it does feel more durable than others. People who know me knows that I have wheel rage. Yes, rage with anything on wheels. So naturally, I would want a stroller that could outlast other brands.

My test drives around the store included speeding, sudden braking and sharp turning. Most important, how easy it is for me to put it together and fold it. The worst part of it is the weight but assuming that Patch will be doing most of the heavy lifting when we bring baby out, then it’s not really an issue for me.

I tested out the recall problem. The metal slats could be sharp and I do see a potential problem of cutting the fingers. But that’s only if you don’t use common sense or being careless. You basically have to slide your fingers between the slats while closing, and if that doesn’t cause you to naturally react by pulling your fingers out and you put more strength into folding the stroller to a point where you injure yourself, then you may have bigger issues than buying an unsafe stroller.

TJ’s had it priced at $270. The stroller was definitely more than I had budgeted. We ended up buying it from Westcoast Kids on the same day that we ordered the crib. At WK, it was priced at $270 but for the Chocolate/Blue stock, it was $250. I wanted a more unisex colour like orange or green.

Sorry kiddo if you end up being a girl, mommy and daddy needs the $20.

Update (Dec 28/09) – We went back to Westcoast Kids to see if our stroller was on sale, and it was not. Price remained at $250.

First Purchase for Baby

We made our first big purchase today at Westcoast Kids. It was for a crib by AP Industries (Lollipop) priced at $300 (regular price $560 at the Baby and Kids Depot). We were looking at a lot of cribs priced from $200 – $500 at Ikea, TJ Kids, Babies R Us and Sears. A lot of cribs have the easy side drop panel which caused a couple of accidents leading to Storkcraft’s recent recall on cribs with the drop panel. That wasn’t an issue for us since we wanted a structurally sound crib without the gimmicks.

Initially, I saw a crib at TJ’s for $280 with built-in drawers on the side. That was a good deal considering what you get, however, we don’t have the extra space for the side drawers in the baby’s room.

The Lollipop crib is simple, and it’s very sturdy. Patch put the display crib thru a test by shaking, pulling, and leaning his weight on the panels. A lot of cribs at Sears were flimsy, perhaps the employees didn’t do a good job building the display cribs.

For $300, we were happy with this purchase. We got it in Espresso which is a dark brown, the colour that I was looking for (they have white, ebony and espresso left). Quoted 4-6 weeks to arrive.