First Purchase for Baby

We made our first big purchase today at Westcoast Kids. It was for a crib by AP Industries (Lollipop) priced at $300 (regular price $560 at the Baby and Kids Depot). We were looking at a lot of cribs priced from $200 – $500 at Ikea, TJ Kids, Babies R Us and Sears. A lot of cribs have the easy side drop panel which caused a couple of accidents leading to Storkcraft’s recent recall on cribs with the drop panel. That wasn’t an issue for us since we wanted a structurally sound crib without the gimmicks.

Initially, I saw a crib at TJ’s for $280 with built-in drawers on the side. That was a good deal considering what you get, however, we don’t have the extra space for the side drawers in the baby’s room.

The Lollipop crib is simple, and it’s very sturdy. Patch put the display crib thru a test by shaking, pulling, and leaning his weight on the panels. A lot of cribs at Sears were flimsy, perhaps the employees didn’t do a good job building the display cribs.

For $300, we were happy with this purchase. We got it in Espresso which is a dark brown, the colour that I was looking for (they have white, ebony and espresso left). Quoted 4-6 weeks to arrive.

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