Online Order from TJ Kids

TJ Kids is currently having a sale online and in store until January 3rd, 2010 on selected items and 20% off on bedding.

I ordered some items off the website and picked it up from the Marine Drive store. Here’s a review of the online experience.


  • easy and straight forward to order from the website.
  • shipping is free to any TJ Kids locations (not sure what the shipping charge to home is)
  • you can get someone else to pick up your items and will inform you by email when it has been picked up and provided the name and BC driver license’s number.
  • the stuff are not pre-packaged for you when you pick it up.
  • exchanges of the same items are allowed in the store. Returns must go through the “internet guys” (as the cashier calls it). This was not stated clearly on the website.

When I showed up with the email and order ID, I expected a package ready to be picked up. The cashier went through a pile of order emails and found mine. She then asked me to wait for 15 minutes while she went to put my order together. I was surprised that it was done in store and that it was not ready (since I had received the email a day ahead that it is ready to be picked up). So I walked around the store and picked out some items to purchase that day.

When she was done, she handed me the bag and I noticed that it was really sloppily sealed with tape and staples all over it. I asked the rep what happens if I want to exchange something that I had ordered online. She said unless it’s an exchange of the same item, I will have to go through the “internet guys”.

Just before leaving the store, I decided to open the bag and check the items inside since their return / exchange policy is pretty useless just because I paid on the internet when I could’ve just pick it out myself at the store had I known that the package is not ready anyway. I found out that one of the items was completely wrong. I went back to the cashier and she wasn’t there so I told another clerk who at first questioned me about the item (as if I was the one not knowing the items). To make things simpler for someone who works there and should know better, I told her to check the product number. She did and knew that it was not the right item. I ended up showing her where the right item is and I left the store.

Overall – I would not shop online at TJ’s anymore (with in-store delivery) because the price is the same as in-store, and probably costs more of my time waiting for the cashier to get my items in-store. Also, since it’s not shipped from the warehouse, if there are none in stock at the store, the items are already paid for and it doesn’t seem likely that I can get a refund from the store since transactions from the store are different from ‘the internet guys.’ I have no complaints about my previous in-store shopping experiences though.

And a Happy New Year to all!

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