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Heather Mills Will Never Experience This… Boo

I’m talking about double leg cramps… obviously, not the experience of ripping off your ex-husband.

Since my 2nd trimester, I’ve been having the occasional double leg cramps in the middle of the night. They’ve been bearable and I managed to suffer silently and wait until the cramp subsides and fall asleep again.

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Building My Own Crib Bedding Set Accomplished

This was what I bought in place of a crib bedding set. This is purely for the crib and not the nursery. I am comparing this to the original 4 piece Kidsline organic set I saw over the holidays that retails for $230. It includes dust ruffle, comforter, bumper and one fitted sheet.

The list below are my recent purchases, and I can only give an opinion based on the looks and feel. I do not have a crib yet so I cannot comment on its functionality. These items are bought from the usual baby stores at their holiday price.

Kushies Organic Crib Fitted Sheets in Mocha and Sage ($20 each)

The feel is a softer than the other organic sheets that I’ve felt. The colour of the sheets are the same as the bag. Elasticized for fitting and sized to allow shrinkage.

Carter’s Crib Bumper in Sage ($36)

Being a fan of Carter’s, I was excited to see that they made bumpers as well and they are good at it too! This bumper is thicker than the ones that come with crib bedding sets and is noticeably softer because it is velour (goes well with the fuzzy dice hanging in baby’s love shack). The dotted texture adds a nice touch too. This is my favourite purchase of everything that’s listed here.

Natures Purest Sleepy Safari Organic Velour Cow ($28)

I was a bit hesitant on this purchase because it costs $28. I have bought blankets from Target and Carters from the Seattle Premium outlet for less than half the cost. This was definitely a splurge and I don’t want to return it since it was bought from TJ’s online and I didn’t want to deal with the internet guys. However, it’s quite soft and thin and Ed wants to keep it for baby. Our baby will be born close to summer so a comforter would be too thick anyway and I noticed that most of our friends’ babies tend to kick off the comforter. Perhaps it’s too heavy or hot. This blanket also comes in the design of an elephant and safari.

Total purchase in place of a crib set $104 (I got an extra fitted sheet instead of the dust ruffle). Savings of $126. You can definitely add other things to match your crib set such as pillow, basket liner, changing pad cover, and window shades.

Baby Kicks Harder

Tonight Ed and I felt harder kicks from the baby. It was quite exciting as I can start to see the movement of my belly on the outside.

Mommy Brain Caves In to $240 Deers and Bunnies…

I must admit that now I am getting into the ‘decorative’ mode and I realize how parents can drop money into building their nursery. I used to say that an empty cardboard box would be perfect for a crib and adding a rope to it can turn it into a stroller. But that quickly became ‘Honey, what theme should we have for baby’s room?’

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