Mommy Brain Caves In to $240 Deers and Bunnies…

I must admit that now I am getting into the ‘decorative’ mode and I realize how parents can drop money into building their nursery. I used to say that an empty cardboard box would be perfect for a crib and adding a rope to it can turn it into a stroller. But that quickly became ‘Honey, what theme should we have for baby’s room?’

For those that are curious, I have an answer to my own question. The theme will be earth colours (with a hint of my own favourite colours, I am the one carrying baby for 9 months, afterall) – mint, light browns, beige, tan and baby blues. It’s easier to put blue in a girl’s room than pink in a boy’s room.

One of the first things I saw were crib sets. They range from $150 – $270 for 4 or 6 piece set. I had my eye on the Kidsline sets, the designs are clean, but mainly eyeing the Bunny Meadows and Willow (their organic line) sets. On the left is Bunny Meadows, how could you say no to cute rabbits? It costs $230.

My other choice is Willow in similar colours with a deer design. It is similarly priced as well.

Is it worth it to pay $230+ for a crib set which includes bumper, fitted sheet, comforter/quilt and the dust ruffle?

In my opinion, the answer is no. The bumpers that I’ve seen in crib sets are usually made with a rougher feeling cotton, and thinner than I would like for a ‘bumper’. If there’s a good reason for it, please let me know. As for the dust ruffle, I don’t need it, baby doesn’t need it so it’s just for esthetics.

My next task is to build my own crib set for less than $200.


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