My Swap Meet Treasure Findings

It’s a good feeling to walk away with purchases knowing that you’ve got a deal on something that you actually need. It’s better when they are new and unused!

Here is what I’ve bought at yesterday’s swap (some new and some old items).

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ($3) and The Velveteen Rabbit ($3) – These were in excellent condition. We wanted to get some classic books and found these.

Daddy’s Picks
3 under shirts ($2.50 for all), sleeper and hat ($2), and blanket ($1).

I wasn’t crazy about the undershirts but Patch pointed out that the first 2 months, we’ll only use it a few times before the baby outgrows it. The blanket was a splurge purchase since baby won’t be using it in the crib so we might use it for changing.


Mommy’s Picks
Old Navy shortalls ($3), outfit with hat ($2),
and a large soft velvet-like blanket ($1)

My favourite purchases are the blankie and the shortalls. I intend to use the blankie to line the floor when baby starts to crawl. It’s soft and thick.

Total of $16.50. All the clothing items came from one vendor. Their items were either new or kept really well and clean. We saw a Graco baby monitor for $20 but decided to put that on the baby registry instead.


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