Monthly Archives: March 2010

Finally Feeling SOOO Pregnant…

Today is my first day of mat leave and I planned to surprise visit Ed at work. I went to pick up some pastries for his co-workers and arrived at his office to lunch with him.

After lunch, we decided to take a walk around the block. 5 minutes later, I had to stop. Ed was amused that I sat on the curb between 2 parked cars to catch my breath. I was sooooo tired from walking!

The best time of my pregnancy was my second trimester because I didn’t feel pregnant. That was when I started seeing the bump, feeling flutters and was still mobile.

Now I feel heavy, waking up in the middle of the night to eat, huffing and puffing from walking, seeing my stretch marks (already!) and the line from the belly button to the pubic area starts to get darker. Although my sciatica remained the same, my hips are pretty painful because my hipbones have shifted to get ready for baby to bust out (this is what causes women to ‘waddle’ when they walk). Even though I am very nervous about being in labour, I want my baby to come out now!