Why We Chose to Use Cloth Diapers – by Patch

My dear wife has asked me (several times now) to post on the blog and explain the decision as to why we will be using cloth diapers.

There’s a multitude of information and resources and I’m not too interested in regurgitating word for word what’s out there. I’ll append a list of resources at the end of this post. Briefly here are my comments.

Why cloth diapers? Why anything?

There are clear benefits to using cloth diapers to the environment, to the child and to the wallet. The opportunity cost is time in the form of more work, principally in laundry.

For me, the benefits outweigh the costs. At least the theory does at this point. I’ll find out when I give it a try. That’s the simple explanation.

The longer one is this.
We live in a world of distractions and it’s easy to make excuses. We are collectively what we are individually. Seemingly innocent acts can build upon itself into something entirely greater and more monstrous than intended – like mountains of decaying diapers leaking its contents into the groundwater for the sake of convenience.

Our generation is now dealing with the consequences of the excesses of our parent’s generation. Our children will likely feel the full brunt of decisions made in a time when there was little understanding of what those decisions would lead to.

We all have an obligation to be aware of the systems in which we are situated, and to work a bit, at the margin, to correct them.

I ain’t no hippie, but I’ll try to do what I can.


Beginner’s Most Frequently Asked Questions about Using Cloth Diapers and Why Cloth Diapers? – from Parenting By Nature

Articles on Cloth Diapers – from The Diaper Pin

The Green Renewal of the Cloth Diaper Industry – from Scientific American

EarthTalk: Cloth or disposable? The diaper debate is back – from The Christian Science Monitor

Caring for Cloth Diapers – from Childbirth Solutions


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