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If Only Nursing Pads are Supersized Soft Pasties…

While nursing pads that prevents milk leakage from showing on your tops are a great invention, why is the sticky patch on the other side always so small? We’re talking a centimetre by 2 centimetres. It’s already hard to stick on fabric and having the sticky patch that small is as good as not having a sticky patch.

I’m talking to you, Medalla, Lanosinh and Johnson & Johnson pads.

It’s also good for making fashion statements!

Labels for Kids’ Clothing

Name Labels is a Canadian company that makes woven labels that can be used to label your kids’ clothings. I have bought from them before for identifying my crafts with my company name and was satisfied with their no-frills service. If you are not picky about having a design on the labels and do not mind sewing or ironing the label, I recommend Name Labels because it is cheap. I bought 100 labels for $10 so it comes to 10 cents each. Since it is not a self-adhesive labels, it cannot be used on items where you can’t iron or sewn on.

Other companies that makes self-adhesive labels can charge up to 50 cents each because it is coloured or has images printed on it. Those can be used to stick on childrens’ cutlery or other articles that can be easily misplaced or mixed up with other kids’.

Baby Cloths Review

You can never have too many wash cloths around the house. They are not always used for washing but rather for wiping up spit ups, milk and other baby messes. After a month of using different brands of cloths, here is what’s left of the wipes.  Read the rest of this entry

Using Booties for Cooties

Kushies Terrycloth Newborn Booties

If you find baby mitts are too loose on your baby’s hands and keeping losing it (they tend to find ways to fling them off when you are not paying attention), you can use newborn baby booties that no longer fit their feet as mitts. The elastic area is tight enough to hold the mitts in place but not too tight to leave marks.