Baby Cloths Review

You can never have too many wash cloths around the house. They are not always used for washing but rather for wiping up spit ups, milk and other baby messes. After a month of using different brands of cloths, here is what’s left of the wipes. 
Left to right: Chick Pea, Cotton, Piccolo Bambino, Honey Bunny Organics
Bottom centre: Kushies 2-ply wash cloth

Honey Bunny Organic Cloths ($6 for 3)

These are by far the worse ones (see left, click on image to see larger version). After the second washing (in gentle cycle), the edges frayed and curled up making it frustrating to fold into little squares. They come in packs of 3 (above image, top right) and I don’t know if the fact that it’s organic is what makes it so flimsy. I like that it’s thin so that I can easily wipe Little Patch’s hands and get into creases. But after the 5th wash, the cloth is no longer in the shape of the square nor could you tell that it used to be square.

Kushies 2-ply Bath Cloths ($6.50 for 3)

These are great for bath time. They are thick and did not lose shape with multiple washings. They are slightly larger and noticeably thicker than the standard wash cloths. There is a sewn on trimming around the cloth to help prevent curling and fraying which makes it a lot more durable. A bit on the pricey side, they are worth the cost unlike Honey Bunny Organics.

Piccolo Bambino 12 pack Wash Cloths ($7 for 12)

Ideal for gift giving as these are packaged in a mesh wrap. These are quite thin as well but they are still holding the shape after many washes. The edges have curled a bit but did not fray. I use these for the same purposes as the other thin cloths.

Cotton cloths (prices and brands vary)

I am using the generic ones that came with the cloth diapers. These cotton cloths get softer with each washing. A small number of them have stretched out a bit in one corner but feels durable. I was expecting pilling on these cloths but that has not happened yet.

The Chick Pea cloth is holding up like the Piccolo Bambino. It was given to me in a Chick Pea 10 item baby basket that was bought from Winners. No one else has heard of Chick Pea and those that shop at Winners know that if you see a brand you like on a visit, it’s unlikely that it’ll be there again on your next visit. If anyone knows where else you can get Chick Pea baby baskets, please let me know. I enjoyed all the items that came in the basket and would love to purchase those for expecting friends.

I recommend washing the cloths in a laundry bag to prevent losing the thin ones in the wash, especially if you have the older machines where there’s a gap under the rotator where the water is drained. I have lost many socks in the black hole!


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