The Delish and Bad of Being Pregnant

While I was pregnant, there were many things that I couldn’t eat. The foods that I couldn’t eat, regardless of whether I liked it before or not, became my cravings. I had a lot of caffeine and sugar in the form of starbucks lattes, pop and teas when I wasn’t even a coffee drinker before I was expecting.

My favourite foods are raw – blue steak, all sorts of fresh sashimi, rare lamb (according to my previous post, I shouldn’t even be eating lamb), ahi tuna, and raw oysters. I was good to not touch any of that for 9 months.

Another weakness of mine are Vietnamese subs, especially ones from Ba Le and Au Petit Cafe. It’s not the deli meat that I was concerned about, it was the thin layer of pate that makes it so sinfully good. But that was also what makes it a pregnancy crime to eat.

Pate contains higher levels of the listeria bacteria than other foods. It also contains high levels of animal based form of vitamin A (retinol) since it’s made from liver. It’s not that the vitamin itself is bad for you but too much of it is.

Simply speaking, you get a fair amount of vitamin A from your daily diet (fruits, veggies, cereals) and your prenatal vitamins. Eating liver will bring your level into the danger zone which is harmful to your baby. Not many ppl care much for liver, but I love fois gras so watching my husband eat a plate of seared fois gras (which reminds me it’s time for his cholesterol check up) during our anniversay dinner at Le Crocodile almost brought me to tears.

Since I love fancy and raw foods, and anything with alcohol, I didn’t get to eat much because I didn’t like what was good for me like potatoes, rice and other pregnancy goodness. Instead, I had a lot of milk… in the form of ice cream.

However, being pregnant gave me a reason to eat like I haven’t eaten for weeks. At work. To and from work.

And in the middle of the night.

And again shortly after.


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