Their Milkshake Brings All the Babies to the Farm

Along with many vitamins, an omega 3 fatty acid known as DHA found in fish and walnuts is essential in your pregnancy diet. This is good for the development of your baby’s brain, eyes and nervous system and YOU. If your baby is not getting enough DHA, s/he will start sucking the DHA out of you!

I rarely had time to cook a meal that contains enough DHA but I prefer to get my vitamins through food rather than supplements so I found a local dairy farm that carries products that contain DHA.

Avalon Dairy has been around for many years. It is tucked in the Killarney residential neighbourhood on Wales street about a block south of 41st Avenue. It’s a real farm but you won’t see any cows there.

The product with the DHA is known as Vitala Milk. It comes in a plastic container or the old school glass bottles which are cool looking but doesn’t hold very much (you get your deposit back when you return the milk bottles). You can also buy Vitala Milk from IGA, Meinhardt, Thifty Foods, Famous Foods, Drive Organics, and Save-On Foods/ Whole Foods. They also offer a delivery service to houses.

But I enjoy going to Avalon Dairy because I get ice cream, smoke cheddar cheese and other dairy goodness there as well.


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