Milk Storage Timeline

I’ve been pumping a lot of milk lately to ease the pain of engorged breasts. My friend recommended the Gerber Nuk Seal ‘n Go Milk Bags. My pump is the Medalla Swing and I love it because it’s compact and it is used by local hospitals.

I try to breast feed whenever I can. Bottle feeding is my last resort if someone else is watching Little Patch. There’s a chance that you may lose antibodies, fat or leukocytes found in breast milk (live cells that carries immunity from mother to baby) as they may stick to the side walls of the containers or plastic bags. The milk bags are made specifically for storing milk so they do a better job at maintaining the milk components mentioned above.



I’ve figured out a rotation schedule for my storing my milk whereas I have not figured LP’s feed/eat/play schedule yet!

A lot of parenting sites offer valuable advice on milk storage with a slight variation on dates. I took advice from different sites to set my own system. This is how I am storing my milk in rotation.

1) Pump milk into a Medalla plastic bottle.
2) Store milk in fridge with date pumped on a sticky note. Store for 5 days in the fridge. If I know that I would not be bottle feeding that week, I store the milk directly in a Nuk bag for freezing.
3) By the 5th day, I transfer the milk from the bottle to the Nuk bag.
4) Freeze in the fridge freezer overnight.
5) Place the brick of milk in a zip loc bag and move it to a separate deep freezer with a constant temperature.
6) Use milk within 6 months of storage.

My timelines are less than what is normally recommended because I want to make sure that the milk doesn’t go bad.

You may notice that I call the milk a brick. I will share a tip on space saving on my next post.


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