Quick Fix Meal – Buttered Mushroom, Corn & Garlic Soup

As a busy mom, I don’t have time to make food from scratch although Patch still cooks gourmet meals from scratch.   Couple days ago, I was struggling with making lunch as Little Patch is not napping as much as before.  I had some cans of soup but I didn’t want to eat ‘a can of soup’ so I added more ingredients to make it more gourmet.  But not too gourmet as my free time is limited!


You can almost add anything you have in your freezer and pantry (peas, pine nuts, red and yellow peppers, etc) to this soup.


  • 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup (some brands ask for half milk and half water but it’s just as good if you just use water to dilute)
  • mushrooms – my favourite are fresh brown mushrooms and canned whole mushrooms (I like the texture of canned mushrooms and I think it tastes better than white mushrooms)
  • corn bits
  • mashed garlic – as much as you want!

I saute the garlic, mushroom and corn first before adding the can soup.

You can add bacon if you want.  Chop the bacon to pieces and cook in the pot, then mix in the above ingredients to saute in the bacon oil.

From plain can soup to a gourmet soup!  No one said we eat healthy though!


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