Sleep, Little Patch, Sleep

After a whirlwind of family functions pre and post-LP’s 100 day banquet, we finally have a chance to wind down.  What this means is that if LP’s sleep schedule could get any more out-of-whack during that week, well… it could.

Sleeping at 3:30am, waking up at 8am and 10am and sleeping until 3:30pm was the schedule for the past 2 weeks.  It was hard when I slept late and didn’t have to energy to assist LP in staying up the next morning.  So that had to change today.

I woke LP up at 10:30am and gave him a good feeding but he was so tired that I let him sleep for another hour after.  At 11:30am, I woke him up again.  Throughout the day was pretty good, he took a couple of naps but it wasn’t like a 5 hour nap like before.  He wasn’t too fussy throughout the day so that’s good.

We put him to bed around 10:30pm and he woke up around midnight for a feeding but that’s about it.  It really helps when Patch and I are in his room quietly chatting as it gives LP security that someone is around.  He is the kind of baby that can sleep/nap with people talking in the room.  He’s less whiny than if I put him in the crib and try to quietly bolt our of the room.  Patch is a lot more patient than me and is better at handling baby to sleep.  I just hang out with LP until he falls asleep, hence, why I haven’t been able to go to bed until 3:30am.

What I’m doing is probably not the best or proper way, but like everything else we are doing for LP, as first time parents we are trying to do what’s best (in our opinion) and testing to see what works.

Hope we can ease him into a normal schedule soon!


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