Ong Choy, The Spinach That Can Swim

Patch and I would like to start eating more healthy Chinese food for dinner.  Healthy chinese food sounds like an oxymoron!  You can have healthy homemade non-greasy chinese dishes to accompany rice or congee.   One of his favourite veggie is Water Spinach also known as Ung choy, Tung choy but I always thought they are hard to prepare.

I bought the ong choy from a Chinese supermarket.   It almost $2 a pound and you have to throw out a good portion of the stalk where it’s hard and tough.



An ingredient that goes relatively well with the choy is fermented bean curd.  Itdoes not sound appealling or tasty on its own but when paired up with this vegetable, it is fantastic.


  • a bunch of ung choy
  • fermented bean curd (comes in a jar)
  • sugar
  • salt
  • mashed cloves of garlic

Soak the choy in cold water to clean it.
Rip off the ends of the stalk (about 2 inches) as it is chewy and tough.
Then cut up the choy in 3 inch segments.

Tip – if you squeeze the hard ends until it breaks (but still intact as a piece),
it will absorb the sauces better.

Take a few cubes depending how strong you want the taste and mash it
together with some water and sugar and salt.

This is how the sauce should look like.


Saute the garlic in a wok (or frying pan).  Mix in the vegetable and bean curd mix.


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  1. Love this stuff! Although less common, it’s good with shrimp paste too.

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