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Movie Review That has More Plastic Than a MasterCard Factory

This is not a review you would expect here but I watched it and writing a review about The Expendables is better than actually watching it.

My husband wanted to watch it because it included a lot of action fallen heroes like Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li, Jason Stratham, Steve Austin, and Mickey Rourke.  I almost said Ben Kinglsey because I watched Prince of Persia right before that.  I have nothing much to say about Prince of Persia because when you watch The Expendables after any movie, that’s like seeing a pair of an ugly and uglier girl walking down the street.  Suddenly, you don’t really have much to comment on the ugly girl.

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It’s Easy to Judge When the Shoes Don’t Fit You

Almost every conversation I’ve had with parents about parenting are usually backed with our desire to be seen as decent parents who know what we are doing.  It is not because we want to impress anyone, but rather not be seen as bad parents. If we ask our friends for advice, it is because we care and want to give what’s best for our kids.


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Making Easy Meals for Gobblers

School is back and it’s time to stress over making meals for the kids.  I don’t have any kids that are returning to school but I have neices and nephews that come over and eat a lot.  They are growing so they are always hungry.  They chow down everything without enjoying the food unless Ed, the gourmet chef and super foodie explains the ingredients to them (which one of them is starting to become interested in how food is prepared and should taste). I love to cook but I don’t want to cook a fine meal if it is not appreciated.

If you are feeding kids who think food magically appears on the table, no appreciation of how food is made or come from (can’t blame them at their age), then here are some tips on making lots of food that will keep them full and your wallet happy.

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Paving a Road to Self Sensationalism

I watched my first episode of Toddlers and Tiaras couple weeks ago and thought this would be a good money-grabbing business in Vancouver.  The start-up is not hard, you rent a hotel ballroom, hire some judges (I would qualify since I’m a freelance MUA and self-proclaimed expert on everything haha) and get some nice trophies and “bookmarks” (ribbons) done.

Well, if you are one of those moms (no offence but then no love either after watching what the kids are put through), then look no further.

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David Carter – Books of Pop-Up Brilliance

I went window shopping on South Granville yesterday and saw this book from Pottery Barns Kids called White Noise by David Carter.  It was pretty trippy as it wasn’t really a story for kids.  It wasn’t a story at all.

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Quickest Topping Everrrrrr – Fresh Berries Sauce

Here’s a quick and easy  recipe for making the yummiest fresh topping fsauce or pies, ice cream and fruits.  Simple ingredients in a few easy steps.  Great to keep in the fridge.

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Baby’s Clothing Advice… and why I’m a Hypocrite.

Over the course of my pregnancy, I had received advice from many friends. Some advice was well received and some I brushed it off.  Now with some colleagues  expecting, many had turned to me for advice.  But I’m not one to sound off my thoughts, oh, who am I kidding, I love to rant.

Looking back, there was one piece of advice I wish I followed but did not and is slightly regretting it.

Buying baby clothes – everyone will tell you this – Don’t invest too much in baby clothing. You will receive them as gifts.  You will receive a lot!  Especially if you are having a baby shower, you can count on guests that are parents to give you useful items that they know it’s useful.  You can also count on non-parents to give you the ‘safe gifts’ such as clothing, bath towels , blankies, plushies and gift sets.

I didn’t take this advice seriously.  I still bought clothing because a) it was  on sale and b) it was too cute and I couldn’t resist.  In the end, I realized that the first few months, Little Patch wore mostly onesies and sleepers.  His ‘cool street clothes’ were worn about 3 times at most.

Also, if you are inexperienced in buying baby clothing, you will  tend to overspend on your first shopping trips.  And I don’t mean overspending as in buying Burberry Kids (unless you named your child Hollingsworth IV). I thought I got a sweet deal at the Gap when I bought a pack of 3 long sleeved onesies for $16 (originally $25) thinking that $5 each is not so bad.  Then the next day, I went to Old Navy and saw that the same onesies were for $12.    Now, I can tell you that you can find it for even cheaper!

Don’t bother with pants in the first few months, especially denim. They are hard to put on and you will eventually give up putting pants on your baby after the 3rd diaper change of the day.

Babies do not need shoes. Yes, they are cute but baby’s shoes are over priced and unless your baby is a child-athlete prodigy that can already walk on his own by 6 months, just leave the shoes out.  I know, some shoes are just too cute but even if you put it on the baby, he will eventually kick it off wherever he is.   I find that shoes and socks are too restricted so I buy little booties (they look like a little sack for the feet, much looser than socks) instead.

I have to admit that even giving out such advice, I will still buy Little Patch’s clothing knowing that I will regret it… especially if I’m at the Carters or Osh Gosh outlets.


Softsoap’s Liquid Handsoap Misleading Label?

I wish someone would clarify this to me.   I’ve been using non-antibacterial products for awhile now.  I buy products that doesn’t say Anti-bacterial and trust that it doesn’t have harmful ingredients such as Triclosan.

But I was comparing the ingredients of SoftSoap’s “Refreshing” Pink Grapefruit to Softsoap’s “Antibacterial” protection in Pink Grapefruit and it has the same ingredients.  So does that mean that it is  the same except it’s under a different label?  Well, at least it doesn’t have Triclosan.

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Vancouver Eats – Man Ri Sung

Ok, so this isn’t really in Vancouver as this is a restaurant in Coquitlam but the food is worth making the 20 minute drive out!

So this is our second visit to Man Ri Sung Korean Restaurant and the reason for the visit is the duck menu (again).  Their regular menu is about 6 pages long but we only ordered 2 things from it on our first visit. (a hot pot and ribs which were quite tasty).  This time, it’ll be all duck!

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Hidden Blocks of Gems in Whole Foods

Although I find Whole Foods expensive to grocery shop regularly, I shop there at least once a month because there’s an area where mommies and their babies hang out around lunch time (the Cambie location).   It’s a great way to meet other mommies (especially the ‘Lululemommies‘)  if you are the social type.  But I found another great reason to shop there… the Cheese Ends section!

The Cheese Ends section is found near the blocks of cheese section in the fridge area.  I love to try different cheeses but don’t want to spend $10+ on a new cheese.  The Cheese ends are smaller blocks, probably leftovers from the large blocks being cut into popular sellable wedges.   It’s in a small basket and there are many different cheeses around the price range of $1.50 – $3.00.  The sizes are enough to make a cheese plate to share and definely enough for you to decide whether that cheese is for you.   At that price, I managed to pick up a couple of cheese to try on Patch’s burgers and as snacks.