Vancouver Eats – Jethros Fine Grub

I figured with more time nearing the end of summer, I’ll try to post something new in this blog.  I’ll try to review restaurants around town since I eat out often.

Last week, I met up with a couple of mommies to have brunch at Jethros Fine Grub on Dunbar.  Our original plan was to go to Zen but parking is usually a pain and a friend suggested trying out Jethros.

It seems like it’s a friendly neighbourhood joint with some regulars and some first-timers like us giving our name to the waitress.  Our wait was close to 45 minutes.  There isn’t a waiting area in the restaurant so patrons wait outside.  However, right next door is a furniture consignment store and Jethros has a friendly sign asking patrons to stand away from the doors of other stores.  Basically, if it’s raining, you’re out cold on your own.   There are many stores to visit as we strolled up and down the neighbouring blocks unless you’re looking for something from a hardware store or buying expensive used furniture.

The restaurant had 2 servers running the floor.  The restaurant can seat about 25 customers.  The servers were busy but I never felt ignored or had to wait long to get some service.  I did some observation on the restaurant while waiting for the food – the store font/logo looks like a tattoo image and one of the waitresses (she could be the owner as it is owned by owners by the name of D’arcy and Emily Jane) had tats all over.  Very cool.

The menu itself was typical.  Straight forward brunches, some with cutesy names.  The food was good but nothing in particular to brag about.  We had chorizo sausage breakfast, crabcakes eggs benny, smoked salmon eggs benny and french toast.

The best dish we had was the banana caramel french toast with whipped butter.  It was heavenly and delicious although the butter could be more whipped.  It was a great plate to share as the caramel and maple syrup could make it too heavy for one person to finish.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience and I would visit again with my husband next time but there are also a lot of restaurants in town that serves good brunches as well.

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