A House is Not a Home Anymore in Vancouver

Patch and I were looking at some open houses recently to see what’s out there.  We are currently renting and have no intention of purchasing a house for at least a year.  That is because with today’s market (even with the drop), we are not able to afford something decent  in Vancouver. By decent, I mean anything that’s not a crack house.

As I’m sure there are many many posts regarding how insane how the Vancouver housing market has become, I will stay away from that topic since I do not know much about the market.



Patch and I are practical people who try not to cave to the trends or care what the Jonese, Smiths, Wongs, Chans of the neighbourhood has.  I admit I’m a purse fiend but that’s about it!  So when we look at big purchases such as a car, TV or home, we see it as something we will use for life, or until it breaks.

It seems like almost every home we saw bragged a generic new kitchen reno.  Generic as in cheap, quick, standard and have no characteristics.  The real estate agent will brag about the new upgrades and its resale value. Really?! You are convincing me to resell a house that I have not bought or moved in yet!

I am looking for a house to live in… for a very very long time.  I want it to be a home where Little Patch will grow up with his room walls going through stages of Winnie the Pooh appliques to Linkin Park posters to hanging his university degree (we are chinese so yes, I expect him to live with us until he gets married).  I’m not a flipper and I don’t look at houses with the intention of selling it.  Why would I want to decorate and renovate for future owners?  That doesn’t make sense.

Another thing that I am not looking for… basement with rental suites.   We have NOT seen a house that does not have a rental suite.  Even houses that had only one family had a last minute budget suite built in for the sake of reselling at a higher cost.  Of course, the agent brags about how much income it can pull in as a mortgage helper.  If I can’t afford it, then I won’t buy it.  I don’t want to rely sharing a home with strangers so that I can buy a place.  That doesn’t make sense either.

So it seems like to buy a home in Vancouver requires you to pick a wall colour that attracts future owners, and spend money on new upgrades on tenants that will live with you before even thinking about renovating to your own wants.


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  1. Have you guys try looking in Burnaby?? The houses are nicer and bigger lots too!

    • Yes, we noticed that too! The house that we saw with the last minute suite was in Burnaby too. It was a perfectly nice house with one family and they decided to make the basement into a new suite to attract buyers. You can’t even enter from upstairs, it’s just a door at the back so that kinda killed the layout of the nice house. I haven’t seen your entire house yet but I really like how your house is nice and wide and I love the split level bungalow (or whatever it’s called) where the rooms are half the stairs up (if that makes any sense to you!).

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