Vancouver Eats – Carthage Cafe

Carthage Cafe is one of the surprising gems on Commercial Drive.  There were 7 of us that went there for dinner tonight.  I wasn’t sure what type of food Tunisia serves since I’m not familiar with the country.  The only memory I have of Tunisia was from a Lost episode.

I was the first to arrive and found the restaurant to be intimate and not a bad place to take your date with the candle lighting.

The menu was straight forward, the items offered reminded me of Chambar but cheaper.  The menu was simple  with 2 pages which I appreciated.  We did not order any appies.

I ordered the Morrocan Iced Tea ($3.50).  It was quite refreshing and although there were quite a few mint leaves in my glass, the mint taste was not overwhelming.  You have a choice of having it sweetened or not.  If you ask for sweetened, make sure you mix well before drinking.  The taste is similar to Vitasoy’s chrysanthemum tea.

My lambchops with mint sauce (can’t taste really taste the mint) and salad.  My lambchops were not overcooked!  There were 3 pieces and my friend said it’s like having 3 steaks.  It was very yummy and the fries were nice and crispy.

My friend’s lambshank.  It was fall-off-the-bone tender. Cooked in tomato sauce and autumn veggies and couscous.

It was the special of the day.  Snapper, salmon, prawns and scallops in a curry like broth with a flake pastry on top.

Rosewater Baklava.  Not too sweet, can taste the honey.

The experience was pleasant, the waitress was kind enough to separate our bills but we noticed that 15% gratuity was included.  That makes paying easier and I checked to see if the gratuity was added before or after the HST.  It was before, one extra point for honesty!  A lot of restaurants had the gratuity after the HST to get more which is not right even if the difference is just dimes.

Carthage Cafe on Urbanspoon

Carthage Cafe on Urbanspoon


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