Vancouver Eats – Man Ri Sung

Ok, so this isn’t really in Vancouver as this is a restaurant in Coquitlam but the food is worth making the 20 minute drive out!

So this is our second visit to Man Ri Sung Korean Restaurant and the reason for the visit is the duck menu (again).  Their regular menu is about 6 pages long but we only ordered 2 things from it on our first visit. (a hot pot and ribs which were quite tasty).  This time, it’ll be all duck!

For $49.99, you get a duck that is cooked in different styles.  First is the duck wrap with fresh green onions and hoisin sauce and a tofu wrap.   We ordered 2 ducks that evening for 6 people.  The first time we only had one duck and ended up ordering a hot pot and korean ribs.  We were told that the chef (the one in the photo) is a Chinese Korean so that was how he came up with duck feast… kinda like Korean style Beijing duck.

We ordered 2 main courses (2 ducks), and we got to choose 2 dishes with each duck.  Hot pot or congee and Japchae, a black wrap thingy (have no idea what it is and the server couldn’t really speak English) and Gyozas.   We chose 2 hot pots and one japchae and gyozas.  The chef came out to suggest to us to change one of the hot pots to congee.  Being chinese, we don’t find congee super exciting so we stick to the hot pots with thick ‘chopped’ noodles.

Sidedishes of kimchi, bean sprouts, chili radish, some kind of sweet yam/potatoes were served first.

The duck wrap.  The tofu wrapper looks like it’s frozen tofu thinly sliced.  I think I will try this at home someday.  The chef did not waste any parts of the duck.  Our plate used for the plate included the fatty parts (the best parts) and the wings and neck were given to us on a separate plate.

Side order of gyozas.  They are nothing to brag about but it is tasty with the gzoya vinegar sauce.

Japchae.  It was good but nothing special about this one that makes it different from a good plate of japchae.

Man Ri Sung on Urbanspoon

I’m quite happy with the turnout of the photos… I’m not a pro photographer and if you’ve seen the other photos I took of food, you’ll agree that this is an improvement!


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