Paving a Road to Self Sensationalism

I watched my first episode of Toddlers and Tiaras couple weeks ago and thought this would be a good money-grabbing business in Vancouver.  The start-up is not hard, you rent a hotel ballroom, hire some judges (I would qualify since I’m a freelance MUA and self-proclaimed expert on everything haha) and get some nice trophies and “bookmarks” (ribbons) done.

Well, if you are one of those moms (no offence but then no love either after watching what the kids are put through), then look no further.

There is one for the chinese community called Little Sunshines which is associated with Sunshine Nation’s pageant where teens and young adults compete for the Sunshine Boy and Sunshine Girl title.  Awww… they beat me to the punch but it was just a matter of time…

In the chinese community, there is a crown for everything – Miss Chinese Vancouver, Miss Parker Place, Miss Crystal Mall, Miss House Down the Block… and there’s also someone that enters all of them!  Quite frankly, I think any boys who wants to parade around with the title ‘Sunshine Boy’ may be a bit on the fruity side, eh…

If you are not 100% chinese, that’s okay too.  If you are mixed with part Asian, that pretty much guarantees you in the top 3 because any mixes are  exotic  and will win something. Even bad mixes.

Regardless if you win or not, you will consider yourself a local celebrity with your own Facebook fan page! Need convincing? Ask anyone that entered a local singing contest, even losers have fan pages.  Yes, we have singing contests here too.

I’ll be more opened to accept these contests if they are actually promoting a sense of community (without ‘the 3 selfs’ – self sensationalizing, self involved and self centred – but then again, isn’t that what all pageants are about?) and the contestants’ involvement in the community and good will, not who can prance around in a speedo or bikini the best.


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