Making Easy Meals for Gobblers

School is back and it’s time to stress over making meals for the kids.  I don’t have any kids that are returning to school but I have neices and nephews that come over and eat a lot.  They are growing so they are always hungry.  They chow down everything without enjoying the food unless Ed, the gourmet chef and super foodie explains the ingredients to them (which one of them is starting to become interested in how food is prepared and should taste). I love to cook but I don’t want to cook a fine meal if it is not appreciated.

If you are feeding kids who think food magically appears on the table, no appreciation of how food is made or come from (can’t blame them at their age), then here are some tips on making lots of food that will keep them full and your wallet happy.

A common theme is pasta because dried pasta is cheap for large portions.   Here are some suggestions other than the spaghetti and meatsauce.

Vermicelli – it is an asian pasta.  it is cheap (about a dollar a pack) and they expand nicely when it’s cooked.  Cooking time is less than 5 min for al dente  but it has no taste so it depends on the broth.  You can get them in almost all supermarkets.  Just make sure it’s not a product of China because it could be processed cardboard!

Macaroni – another pasta because it is cheap and easy to pack into containers.  Mix with mayonaise and green onions, any colour peppers, celery, boiled chicken, the possibilities are unlimited.  Add a dash of tabasco or a can of tuna to kick it up a notch.

Fried rice – Day old rice works best because they are harder than freshly made rice.  Stiry fry the rice with a few tablespoons of broth, mushrooms, chopped up fried eggs, diced lettuce.  Chopped bacon is excellent to stir fry with the rice because the oil gets absorbed into the rice.

Slow cook anything – take a cheap cut of meat (cut out the fat), throw it in a slow cooker with your choice of sauce and veggies. Not only do you save money, you save time too.

Canned/frozen peas and corn bits are excellent to have in your freezer. You can add these to the suggestions above and most of the dishes you make.  Add a handful in your dish to give it colour and a little bit of extra veggie!


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