Southeast False Creek Community Centre

Today I took Little Patch to visit the Southeast False Creek Community Centre (1 Athletes Way).  Since I’m part of the dragonboating community, I’m very interested in seeing our future home for the boaters and what facilities they offer.



Little Patch will offer you a tour of the FCCC! 🙂

The community centre is small but adaquate. The design is clean and bright with lots of windows and a clear view of false creek from Science World to Plaza of Nations in each of the rooms.

Front entrance of the community centre.

Lobby area.

LP waiting in line to get some help.  If you visit, don’t forget to say Hi to Kurtis at reception or ask for Cathey if you want a personal trainer.

The 3 Olympic Mascots now live under the community centre stairs and you will find them at the community kitchen on weekends.  During the day, they sell units (see the presentation models) at the Millenium.

Lockers, bathroom and changeroom for the new boating facilities.  The facilities will be open during off community centre hours where there will be a gate that separates the centre and the changing areas.  It won’t take long before this part starts smelling like the creek water.

Don’t be alarmed by the colour of toilet water. When I first saw it, I thought the user before me needed to drink more water but that’s not the case.  As part of the centre’s sustainability action, rain water collected on the rooftop are used as toilet water (it’s probably this colour because it hasn’t been raining much recently). Maybe it’s creek water…?


LP waiting to use the machines.

The open gym. LP watching the ballers.

Do you know where you are going?

View from one of the studios on the 2nd floor.

Like I said, the centre is small and it’s perfect for boaters and people living in the area although at the price these units are selling, I’m sure each building has the same amenities!  Let’s hope that the public (including the can pickers) respect these community centres when it’s open and keep the area clean and safe.


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