Canucks Team Store Outlet Grand Opening

Today I went to the Canucks Team Store Outlet’s Grand Opening.  It opened at 11am and when I got there at 11:30am, there was already a long line up to pay.   It was a sunny day and it was busy because it’s located at one of the main entrances for PNE (corner of Hastings and Renfrew).


I was hoping to find the retro logo jersey and find some baby gear but didn’t find many items.  There were jerseys of ex-Canucks  like Mitchell, Pyatt, SUNDIN (!)… in the orca logo and the flying skate one but no stick in rink  vintage one. Some shirts in the Johnny Canucks logo.  The outlet even carried some BC Lions AND CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS!  I think there were some Portland Trailblazers stuff but I’m not sure if I saw correctly. Since I didn’t want to get the beatdown, I didn’t look at the Blackhawks stuff because Canucks fans can get pretty crazy!  Maybe on a slow night before closing time…

They only have socks and booties in the baby section

The line up wrapped around the store and took about 20 mins to get from the BC Lions Section to the til.  Only one cashier til was hooked up and working because the staff said they didn’t anticipate the crowds today.  Uhm, are they new to Vancouver??? 🙂

Some stuff was a pretty good deal and some were a joke (Sundin stuff haha).    Other than baby socks, there were some kids T-shirts. Here are some things that they were selling there today.

Womens Jerseys – $30 (reg $75+)
Players Jerseys – $130 (reg $230+)
Buttons – $1
Pins – $2
Hoodies (they have lots, zippered and pullover) – $20 – $40
T-shirts – $10+
Touques and Scarves

My haul – Baby socks $3, jersey $30 and mens zipped up hoodie $25.



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