Walking on Golden Feet

After 9 months of extra weight on my feet, a summer of sandals and new shoes that were too pretty to give up but a pain to wear finally made me go get a foot massage.

Patch’s been complaining about his tired feet so I’ve been searching for places that gives foot massages.  There weren’t many spas that focuses entirely on foot massages for the full hour at a reasonable price.

I’ve been wanting to go to Golden Feet for months since it is across from my Obgyn.  Golden Feet Reflexology is located on Broadway right by Cambie which is convenient for Canada Line riders.

My appointment was with Peter.  He was really nice and spoke pretty good english even though he looked like a total chinese mainlander.  I sat down on the soft brown comfy couches and  he gave me a bucket of water to soak my feet in. for about 5 minutes  It was literally in a wooden bucket with water in a plastic bag.  I guess that’s more hygienic than without the plastic bag assuming they change the bag (although not very environmentally friendly).  On their website, it said the foot bath is herbal but I really don’t think there was anything in the water as it didn’t smell like anything (chinese herbs usually stink up the entire block!) and the water was as clear as a stripper’s heels.   That’s okay, I took that opportunity to rub my feet to get them nice and clean for Peter!

While Peter was working on my pressure points, there were a few spots that made me want to punch him. I think he knew I was in pain and asked if I was okay.  I mumbled yes and took the sign with a diagram of  the foot and pressure points hanging next to my chair to cover my face so I can squeal silently.  I read the sign realized why some parts were more painful, apparently, he was massaging my problems parts on my foot such as my shoulders, nose (I have a deviated septum), and insomnia.

The way he rubbed my foot felt like he was squeezing the toxins out.  It was not a relaxing massage but it’s okay, I felt like he was actually doing something or maybe I’m a masochist.

The masseuse working on the guy next to me suddenly complemented his ‘strong muscles’ on his foot… it sounded kinda homoerotic but the guy and his girlfriend laughed it off.   After their session was done, I was the only one left and with the TV remote!  If you want to know how much time is left and don’t want to seem rude by looking at your watch of the clock behind you, just change the channel to the weather or TV guide where it shows the time.

When he was done, he gave me a card with his name, and I went out to pay.  It was nice that unlike some hair salons, they don’t lurk around to see how much you tip.  Each masseuse has a tip box like a mailbox which is cool.  Before I left, I was chatting with the owner Cynthia and she seems pretty cool and explained what each of the services offered are such as lymph drainage, acupressure, cupping, etc.  I’ll stick to my feet massage, thank you very much.

My foot was sore for about an hour or so but afterwards, it didn’t feel as tired for the rest of the day.  It felt refreshed and I was so glad I went to try it.  Ed wants to give it a try next time with me.

There’s a package where you can get 10 sessions for $330.  It doesn’t have to be a foot reflexology massage, it can be accupressure massage which is worth more if you want to get the best deal out of the package.

Where we are facing. (photo from their website)


The 4 chairs for the foot reflexology massages.

You can see all sorts of signs about turning off your cell phone, new linens, etc. At the back, there's a sign that says No Sexual Services! So no happy endings for you gents.

Soaking my feet in the wooden bucket. Sorry about my meaty thighs, they were blocking most of the shot.

I love this concept, a tip box!




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  1. Hey Mo, didn’t know you are into feet massage (I think it’s called reflexology or something). I usually go to my Chinese doc for that. The wife is a herbalist and the husband do acupressure and feet massage. It’s pretty good and you can do half acupressure (Chinese massage) and half feet massage per session and I think it’s about $35/40 and no tip or tax necessary. Their clinic is in Crystal mall. Let me know if you are interested. The massage is REALLY good. In fact, so good that both Anders and me feel asleep every single time! hahahah…

  2. Ahhhh….makes me miss the cheap massage places in HK and China! One time, spent almost the whole day at the massage parlor having a 3 hour foot massage and a 2 hour accupressure massage! It was heaven…..

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