Getting Yourself Ready Before the Bump

So you find out you are pregnant and you celebrate with your families and close friends… then comes the overwhelming load of information from friends and family on what to do next.  Nursery! Last-minute vacay! Who to tell next! Baby names!

It’s natural to start thinking of your future baby but don’t forget yourself too.  Here are some things that you should take care of before you go into all-about-baby mode!


Maternity Wear

No matter how slim you are or how small the bump is, an update in your wardrobe is necessary.  You can still keep your sense of style by choosing the right pieces.  I did not invest too much on clothing and bought only 3 pairs of maternity pants.  Most regular tops are loose around the belly area so I didn’t buy any maternity tops.   Keep in mind that your pant size does not go up.  So if you are a small, do not assume that you are a medium.

I bought my pants from Motherhood Maternity (for maternity basics) and A Pea in the Pod (designer mat wear).  Their selection ranges from trendy jeans to casual and business pants.  The pants I bought were all secret fit belly which I think it’s the greatest invention ever for buffet lovers. 🙂  They also have a collection for Petites.  The closest Motherhood to me was Coquitlam Centre and West 4th but it’s cheaper to get them in the States.  I got my stuff from Motherhood and A Pea in the Pod in Seattle’s West Lake Center (they have a wider range of selection too).

Other places that you can find maternity wear are Winners, Thyme Maternity, Bay, Sears, Hazel and Co (Main Street – great selection) and consignment stores if you do not want to invest too much on something you don’t think you’ll be wearing for more than 6 months (when you are showing).  I spent more on pants because I know that I will be using them again… not for the second child, but for Thanksgiving dinners.  😛

Your breasts will go up in size too but it’s up to you on how you want to update your bra collection since everyone is different.  I went with bras without wires and wore camisoles with built in bras (also no wires).

Having the right fit of clothing makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed and it’s an excuse to update your wardrobe and go shopping!

Peanut Pregnancy Pillow

This peanut pregnancy pillow is often confused with the U-shaped baby pillow such as the Jolly Jumper Baby Sitter as they are similar in shape.   But I absolutely love love love the peanut pillow (also made by Jolly Jumper).   The peanut pillow looks more like a cashew shape than peanut and it is softer and lighter than the Jolly Jumper Baby Sitter.

I used the peanut pillow to sit between my knees when I’m sleeping and in the 3rd trimester, I used it to prop my belly while sleeping on my left side.  I used it as a nursing pillow after Little Patch was born and I still hug it when I’m sleeping now.  It’s very versatile!  The Jolly Jumper babysitter is around $40 and the Peanut Pillow is around $25 at the usual baby store chains, the Bay and Sears.  These pillows go on sale (about 25% off) every couple of months at the stores.

Jolly Jumper Babysitter (with removable covers)


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