The Best Fishy Smelling Balls I Have Ever Tasted

I love fish balls.  Curry fish balls, vinegar fish balls, fish balls in noodle soup broth, you name it, I love it.  Part of this obsession has something to do with the flavours it’s drenched in.  Good curry makes good curry balls.  I don’t really eat plain fish balls on its own because most of the time, it’s just all right.  Until now…


Good fishballs are rarely the frozen type.  Frozen balls are usually a bit starchy  in the bite. Really good fish balls are made from fresh fish paste rolled into a ball.  But these frozen balls are just as good.

My mom brought over a pack of frozen fish balls from Richmond.  She bought them from Golden Summit and gave me a pack to try.

When I opened the bag, there was a strong fishy smell.  Not the bad hooker fish smell (eww haha), but fragrant and surprising because it came from a frozen bag.

The balls are smaller and denser and when I cooked it in boiling water, it didn’t expand much like some balls.  I don’t know what it is that makes some balls expand twice the size, but many of them have the size but not the flavour to match.

When I had my first bite, I fell in love with these balls!  They are crunchy (‘song’) and feels like it’s going to bounce off your teeth (‘danh ah’).  The flavour doesn’t burst into your mouth when you bite it, it already fulfill your mouth with the fishy freshness when you put it in.   Every bite feels like the ball is bouncing around high on E as you chew.  It’s so flavourful that I felt each bite, the balls added sweet flavour to my saliva.  The sweetness tastes natural like sugar cane and not artifically sweet.  I didn’t need to season it or put it in broth, it was just pure balls in my mouth.

I got sad when the fishball rave was over in my mouth after I had the last one.  But then again, I feel like that with most food.  These balls does not have preservatives so I was not thirsty after.

Normally, I buy whatever is on sale at chinese markets – Dodos (famous brand for hot pot but no flavour), Cantons (these double in size when I cook them, their cuttlefish balls are pretty good), for around $1.70 – $2.00 for a pack of 9 balls.

Golden Summit is a bit more expensive.  For the fish balls, it is $10 for 1kg. or 2.2 pounds.  If you buy $20, you get 10% off (I think, let me clarify with my mom).  They have other stuff like fish sticks which weren’t as good and fish balls with cuttlefish.   But boy, I never knew that fishy smelling balls could get me that excited.

Did a search online and this is where my mom got the balls.  They are imports from Singapore.

Golden Summit Fish Ball (across from Richmond Public Market near E-Canteen)
#100 – 8211 Westminister Hwy,  Richmond BC V6X 1A1
Tel: (604) 270-8213

* words in (brackets) are Chinglish to better describe it more accurately!


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  1. Will need to go there and get some to try for our next hot pot meal! Sounds yummy!

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