Urban Source – From Trash to Treasures

Urban Source - next to the Heritage Hall and Cafe Rustico on Main Street

I walked by Urban Source many times before checking it out today.  It’s a pretty cool store especially if you are a crafter.  They’ve been around for 17 years and they sell  knick knacks collected from industries for artists and crafters looking for something unique to complete their pieces.

One side of the store has bulk barrels where you can fill a paperbag for a set price.  There are limitations though like you can only get one handful of puzzle pieces or 3 old belts, etc.  But there’s no limit for used doorknobs! 😛  On the other side of the store, it’s sold by the piece, mainly craft stuff.  I was intrigued by the scrabble piece and chalk paint ($2 per bottle!). I was looking for magnet pieces for my felt projects and they carry those as well as magnet sheets.

They also take recycleable stuff but I assume it should be in good condition and sorted.

Bulk Barrels - $6.95 (small bag) to $19.95 (large bag)

Crafters' area.

Assorted paper for miscellaneous uses.

Printing press letters, keys (maybe for the doorknobs? hehe), letter beads, and more...

Urban Source
3126 Main Street – Vancouver

Store hours : Monday – Saturday : 10am to 5:30pm;  Sundays : 11am to 5pm
Please call for holiday store hours.
Phone : (604) 875-1611
Email : usource@shaw.ca


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  1. Thanks for doing a write-up for the place. Looks like a pretty cool craft store. Still haven’t got time to check it out yet, but it’s definitely on my to-do list!! Thanks!! What a great find!

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