Monthly Archives: November 2010

Another One Bites the Silicone Dust

Photo taken from Awful Plastic Surgery

One of my favourite actresses, Marion Cotillard was reported to have breast implants.  Not just a lift.  But a full blown 3 cup sizes too big implants.

I’m saddened to hear the news because she’s talented (I’ve watched some of her French movies besides Inception!) and she strikes me as someone who does not need to rely on physical alterations to be accepted in Hollywood.

Her boobs are obviously too big for her frame and they look like supersize bolt on melons.  Save these boobs for Lindsay (great for hiding crack in the cleavage), Heidi Montag or Tila (which  she probably owns a few sets already) but they don’t belong on a naturally beautiful actress!  I hope that the sites reporting it are wrong and this is just a really really effective push up bra from France.

Referral Links

As more people are using group buys like Groupon, Teambuy, Social Living, etc (although I doubt these sites can hold on to their clients as I see recently, the deals are just recycling through tanning services, laser treatments, gym memberships, yoga classes – how many sessions does one really need!), I see more referral links on Facebook and by email.

If you are posting on someone’s wall or sending them an email letting them know of an awesome deal using a referral link that the site has provided, I think it’s courtesy to let your friend know that you are benefiting from their purchase.  It’s not like your friend won’t use it if you told them but if you don’t, it may seem that your interest is not theirs but your own.

The Walking Dead review

Patch and I watched the premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC.  He absolutely loves it since he’s a fan of anything zombie and ninja-related.  I thought the make up and special effects were fantastic.  But I don’t think I will be watching any future episodes because it kept me up all night.

It didn’t keep me up because of the boo factor but because of the hopelessness feeling I get everytime I watch a movie about a zombie apocalypse.  Movies like Resident Evil (that kept me up for days), 28 Days/Weeks Later, Dawn of the Dead, I am Legend and Shaun of the Dead makes me think of scenarios at night.

TWD touched the subject of loved ones that became zombies.  Patch mentioned that if I became one, he would have no problem blasting my head off.  I, on the other hand, would not do the same because I will think that there’s a glimpse of hope that a cure would be found anytime before Patch feasts on my eyeballs.