The Walking Dead review

Patch and I watched the premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC.  He absolutely loves it since he’s a fan of anything zombie and ninja-related.  I thought the make up and special effects were fantastic.  But I don’t think I will be watching any future episodes because it kept me up all night.

It didn’t keep me up because of the boo factor but because of the hopelessness feeling I get everytime I watch a movie about a zombie apocalypse.  Movies like Resident Evil (that kept me up for days), 28 Days/Weeks Later, Dawn of the Dead, I am Legend and Shaun of the Dead makes me think of scenarios at night.

TWD touched the subject of loved ones that became zombies.  Patch mentioned that if I became one, he would have no problem blasting my head off.  I, on the other hand, would not do the same because I will think that there’s a glimpse of hope that a cure would be found anytime before Patch feasts on my eyeballs.


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