Canadian Shoppers Can Write Target Off Their Nice List!

He probably provides better customer service

As a frequent cross border shopper, Target is one of my stops before coming home.  However, Patch recently registered for an account at TBS Shipping so that we can buy from american stores that doesn’t ship to Canada.  Target was one of the first sites I went to buy stuff.

I bought about 20 items and before I submitted my payment info, it said I would get 4 boxes.  Since TBS charges $3 a box, I wanted to get it all in one box or two max.  I ended up removing some items so that I have 10 items in 2 boxes (the item that is in the second box was boots for my mom that has trouble finding boots in her size).  I went ahead and ordered it.  A few days past and I started getting multiple emails regarding my items being shipped or in the packing process.  I logged into my Target account and realized that it’s in 5 separate boxes.   They packed one first aid kit that’s less than $5 into a box.  The ones that haven’t been shipped yet did not allow me to cancel the order.

I was a bit annoyed that there was no email notification that it would take that many boxes.  Also, it just seems so wasteful to have them ship one item because I imagine that each box would be fairly big with stuffings in it.  Not very economical friendly.

So I went to Twitter and also wrote an email with the complaint.  Patch pointed out that why should Target have an interest in what happened to us when it’s christmas season and everyone wants to receive everything as soon as possible?  All my boxes were shipped a day after another.

I guess what shocked me the most was the lack of response (read: NONE) from both Twitter and Customer service emails.  After a few days, I went back to scroll through the Target Twitter account and realized that it’s used to spam random twits by giving them discount codes.  No customer service type at all.

If you are wondering what customer service means in the Twitter world, take a quick look at Rogers and London Drugs Twitter accounts and you will see that they acknowledge complaints from other people.  It may not be addressed directly or out in the open, but at least they don’t ignore it.

Maybe they realized from the address it’s TBS’ leading them to realize that we are Canadian shoppers so we’re not valued as much… or maybe not as these twits probably didn’t even bother reading my email.


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  1. We don’t have Target or TBS in England – Can’t believe they’d go out of their way to go with more boxes – the opposite of customer service. They tend to do stuff in weight in the UK but they’ll have a minimum price which can often be as much as the product itself.

  2. As a fellow Canadian I support your opinion

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