Best Gifts to the Not-The-Best-Person

There are many lists out there for the gift ideas for children.  How about children of parents you don’t like? Parents that annoy the heck out of you… or parents that you just want to punch out (oh admit it, you must know someone like that) but you don’t because you’r enot setting a good example to your children.

You can take this as “Gifts Not Recommended for Parents” or gifts for parents you don’t like.  I think I will get more ideas if I write under the latter context though.

Oil Pastels – these are like crayons, but they are not as children friendly.  They are oily and it’s a real pain to get it off the walls, leather couches, and carpets when smudged.

Playdoh – self explanatory.   Good bye walls and carpets.

Felt Markers – Good bye walls and tabletops!

Electronic Toys w/o the Batteries but require lots of the big expensive batteries

A Pet – it’s a gift that keeps on giving… until it dies.

Candy – kids bouncing off the oil pastel decorated walls.

First half of a movie, don’t bother burning the second half, they can find it themselves.

This is just some humour, I hope parents won’t actually give these items with these intentions. 😉


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  1. I was following your blog to read the food posts. Then I started reading your older posts and I just cant help myself chuckling at your wit and humour. I’ve already spent a good part of 2 hours reading all your posts from day 1. I must say they are very entertaining. I really like your style of writing. Having met you and Patch in person makes me appreciate more your writings. I mean I have met the person writing these good , funny and useful posts. Please keep up the good work.

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