Gift Wrapping Tricks to Make Your Gift Look Awesome

It’s been 2 years since I’ve stopped exchanging gifts with acquaintances and doing the whole gift wrapping thing to save paper.  I used to be a superstar when it came to wrapping gifts, so good that my gifts to my friends was a show stealer.  haha… But that also takes a lot of effort and time and a whole lot of paper being wasted for a night’s worth of oohing and ahhing.  Not worth it.

Since I’ve stopped the gift wrapping, there were rolls and rolls of wrapping paper that ‘s been sitting around doing nothing so I gave away some.  This year, I’ve got presents to wrap because of babies and kids’ and as long the parents are responsible with the ripped wrap (reuse or recycle), a gift with some wrapping would totally make a child’s day.

Here are some tips on how you can make your gift LTA (“Look Totally Awesome” haha). 

The Basics

Crisp clean edges.

Cut out the initial piece with a knife or letter opener rather than using scissors.  Less chances of tearing and you get a nice clean straight cut.  You will have to fold the edges in a bit since the edges are not smooth.

Glue gun it.  That’s how I used to make my gifts look flawless from using tape.  Remember not to glue gun your wrapping onto the gift!

The Extras (the fun and show stopping part)

Ribbons – use nice thick ribbons.  You can tie it or glue it (make sure the ribbon is not flipped over halfway).  Thick ribbons look like it’s more work and makes a gift more grand than thin ribbons.  Go figure.

Stones / Rocks – Instead of bows, you can glue a couple of stones on the packaging to make it look more elegant.   A bag from Michaels are about $3 for 50 stones.  Lasts forever.

Wooden clothes pin – glue the back of the clothespin onto the present and use it to clamp onto your greeting card.



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