Translink – Bus Etiquette

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Translink has an article on Etiquette on Transit which I think if you haven’t read it yet, should.  A lot of times when I take transit (haha), there are always a handful of people that does not follow one or more of these very simple etiquette.

Here are a few more etiquette tips that I would like to add. 

Pregnant women – courtesy seats should apply to them too.  I remember not having a seat when I was in the 3rd trimester, and was being bounced around the bus whenever the driver slammed on his brakes.  It was not a pleasant experience. I think these gestures shouldn’t limit to courtesy seats only, it should just be common sense and common etiquette for those that weren’t raised by wolves.  Even if I was not sitting in the courtesy seat, I have offered my seat to someone that I think needs it more than me.

Men Sitting with their Thighs Spread out – Yes, there are men like that.  Lots of them.  They spread them out so wide than one of the thighs take up half your seat.  That’s just as bad as people who sit cross legged with their shoe almost in your face.

Aisle Passengers Not Moving for the Window Passengers to Get Out – I hate it when I sit by the window and need to climb over the aisle passenger to get out.  I would say ‘excuse me’ and they would move half an inch to the side as if that’s plenty of room for me to get out. All they needed to do is to slide out of their seat, let us leave and slide back in.  No one’s going to steal their seat.  Even worse when they have a big bag on their lap.  I don’t like rubbing my butt on their face trying to get out anymore than them.

Use Your Common Sense When Opening or Closing Windows – I’ve seen passengers on a crowded bus go to slide the small windows shut on a hot summer day.  It was so hot and barely any air circulation that I have no idea what these people are thinking.  Or vice versa, someone opening these windows when it’s hailing ice ourside and freezing cold inside.  Usually, other people are too polite to do anything about it until that person leaves the bus.

Don’t Talk to Strangers – that’s right, I’m a stranger.  Don’t talk to me and try to convert me to your religion! 😛

Translink provides a great service (sometimes though, I’ve had my share of bus drivers that are real jerks) and it’s our job to make this not suck for others and ourselves.  But when a bus gets crowded, or when the weather gets wonky, that’s when some passengers become dumbasses on transit.




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  1. Good post! Men need to spread their legs, so that their ‘thing’ doesn’t feel pinched and get plenty of breathing room. It’s a man thingy. Can’t buck the Al Bundy trend.

  2. Lets not forget the elderly! I’ve noticed some kids these days that would not offer their seat up on a full bus probably because they think someone else would do it. I was shocked when i was the one who offered my seat on a bus when i sat all the way in the back.

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