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Silky Smooth Like Buttah

I absolutely love butter beef so I’ve tried to make my own recently.  Even though I used a wrong cut of meat, it still turned out really well and my tummy didn’t have to pay for it.

Ingredients:  thinly sliced beef (I used round eye because Patch bought it for a roast but he cut out a part for me to experiment this dish with – freeze it so that you can easily cut the beef into thin slices), cilantro, a bulb of garlic (yes, a bulb!), red onion, lemon, lime, fish sauce and butter.

Beef, fish sauce, lemon, red onion, lime (not shown), cilantro and butter.

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Twit Tweets

Many companies use Twitter to reach out to their (potential) customers with updates, news, contests and anything that could be of interest.   Some would use Twitter to address customer issues and some to retweet related news.

I like how London Drugs uses Twitter for contests, promotions and addressing customers’ concerns.  I tweeted about a poor experience at the Victoria Drive location and soon after, it was addressed on their twitter (publicly) and then I got a DM to get things sorted.  I didn’t get anything for free as some would assume (some people complain for the sake of getting free stuff or discounts but that’s not me) because I just wanted the company to be aware of such crappy service.

Rogers Wireless tries to use Twitter to address problems by even having a few designated tweeters answering tweets.  However, more than half their responses end up being “I suggest you call the rogers customer rep.”

So everyone has a different purpose with their company Twitter but it’s utterly annoying when companies use their Twitter account and rather than promoting the company, the account is used to befriend other tweeters and it becomes cliquey.  I suspect that this may be because they hired one person to take care of of the social media aspect.   I realized that some local big companies are doing this and in the end, I end up unfriending the account because it has become pointless to follow them when they go on in a banter with their internet buddies.

What Did I Just Eat?

That's how they roll.

My friend picked up a glutinous rice wrap for me from Osaka/T&T supermarket and this was not what I had in mind when I broked it apart.  I was thinking of the Shanghainese rice wrap with pork floss, chinese doughnut and preserved vegetable.  I ended up with this.  Read the rest of this entry

Vancouver Eats – 6th Avenue Bread & Deli

Fantastic basic deli with fresh bread baked daily, leftovers are given to the local food bank. Bread is baked without preservatives, sugar or trans-fat.  It is *not* gluten free however.  I’ve seen posts on Urbanspoon where the poster mistakenly claims that the bread is gluten free, the owners certainly don’t make this claim. Patch was a regular at this joint and the owner confirmed that they don’t have gluten free bread.

Freshly baked bread

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The Old Chinatown and Its Memories

Growing up in Strathcona Vancouver in the late 70s, early 80s, I spent a lot of my time in Chinatown with my family (I would love to connect with those that went to school in the Strathcona area around that time).  Nowadays, I go about once a month if need to.  I really miss the old Chinatown because of the memories.  The Chinatown before Sun Yat Sen, Chinatown mall, HSBC building was built. Read the rest of this entry

The Answer to Living with Mister ButterFingers

Patch’s nickname is Butterfingers.  The last 2 things he broke were the chinese ceramic soup spoons.  Last time I went to restock my cutlery, I bought an extra one just in case he breaks one.  Since he broke a second one of the same collection, that means it’s time for a visit to the warehouse (see what I did there?).

I have 2 requirements when I buy porcelain ware – one is a gloss finish because scraping a metal utensil on unfinished ceramic (think Ikea) sends chills down my spine and the other one is that it can’t have a rough mole on it.  What I mean is that cheap ceremic has this unfinished spot which sticks out, you will definitely find these on cutlery in some chinese restaurants.

China Pottery Trading - 13900 Bridgeport Road, Richmond

I buy my chinese ceramics from China Pottery Trading.  It’s over the Knight bridge west of Ikea on Bridgeport.  Once you arrive and walk in the front doors, there’s no one to greet you, there’s no counter and just a couple of closed doors and a hallway.  Go through the hallway and it will lead you directly to a warehouse where you may see a couple of ppl working on packing boxes or moving pallets.    Just walk in like you know where you are going, even if you don’t.  It’s better to wander than stopping someone for directions because you will only get a weird look!  These guys are warehouse workers or accountants, not sales people. Read the rest of this entry

Products That Are Not Helping Our Much-Saving-Needed Environment

I see more household items on commercials that got me thinking dubya-tee-eff.  While we are trying to cut down on our carbon footprint, there are companies making products for wasteful consumers.  Things that doesn’t even make sense for it to become disposable.

Save your hands from the evil pump

Lysol Healthy No-Touch hand Soap – why? because your pump harnesses a lot of germ and you don’t want to touch it right before wash your hands. Really? Is that necessary in your own home?  I’ve seen women in the bathroom that rips out 2 feet long paper towels to protect their hands while turning off the tap and getting a clean sheet of paper towel to wipe their hands.

Double your waste with disposable diapers and pads

Disposable Change Pads (made by vasious companies) – re-usable change pads come in a standard size and it’s a waterproof plastic which means if the nasty happens on the pad, you can easily rinse it off.  Disposable change pads are more harmful because they are meant to be one time use, comes in a standard size and comes with a waterproof backing which is not very likely recyclable.

Because pulling a paper towel from the roll is too much work

Home Paper Towel Dispenser – this doesn’t seem too bad at first because many of us use paper towels at home, but some brands perforate the edges a lot closer along the towels so you get smaller pieces.  The thing that gets me again, is the ‘hands free’ function.

When I lived on my own, I used to save paper towels by reusing them.  I didn’t do it for the environment though, I used to leave the damp paper towel on the counter and by the time I got to throwing it away, it was  already dry and ready to be used again only to be slightly stiffer.  So I kept doing that with paper towels that I used for drying my hands.  Even though it wasn’t a conscience decision to save the planet (it was more for saving $), I still did something, so there.   And it can’t be that gross because I still have all my fingers.

I can see some paranoid ppl using the above items just because they are afraid of germs.  Here’s a tip to those ppl – these products are quite expensive and are not environmentally friendly.  So why not adopt a mexican child and have them to pump your hand soap or get paper towels?  It’s a lot cheaper.  Here’s some ideas to develop on for Johnson & Johnson, Proctor and Gamble.  A Disposable Child Robot!

Quick Recipes – Wine Chicken

Wing Tat Specialty Chicken

My family ordered a box of specialty chickens from Wing Tat poultry.   A box comes with 8 chickens (they are on the small side) and it comes to around $5.50 each.  What a deal, you can’t even find that at a chinese BBQ shop (siu lap poe).  This is including FREE DELIVERY straight to your doorstep (plus tips for the driver).

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Vancouver Eats – Memak Malaysian Cafe

Charles the owner/chef giving a speech on the live band stage of the pub. organized a lunch for 50 of his readers to try out a new Malaysian cafe.  For those who does not know what Chowtimes is, go visit this site right now… or after you read this post.  The website and the couple behind it is truly a local gem on Vancouver eats and food-blogging.

I am not familiar about authentic Malay cuisine so I can’t comment on the authenticity of the food but judging from the responses by Malaysian foodies, it seems like it’s the real deal (like a HK cafe vs Authentic Canadian Chinese cuisine).  Does that make sense?

The restaurant is located in a dive pub (Pub 340) which one would not know what type of food is being cooked in the kitchen without walking in.  The owner Charles mentioned that they are working on having a proper sign.

This review will be a bit different from the others since this is a special event that was put together by the couple behind Chowtimes, Charles and Julie (owners/chef) and a lot of hard work were put into making this event successful and fun.  I will only focus on the food and not logistic hiccups that came with serving for an unusual party of 50+.

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