Quick Recipes – Wine Chicken

Wing Tat Specialty Chicken

My family ordered a box of specialty chickens from Wing Tat poultry.   A box comes with 8 chickens (they are on the small side) and it comes to around $5.50 each.  What a deal, you can’t even find that at a chinese BBQ shop (siu lap poe).  This is including FREE DELIVERY straight to your doorstep (plus tips for the driver).

So I decided to make wine chicken.

My first problem was that I do not know how to cut a chicken properly so I asked my dad to do it for me.  He asked me to wash the chicken first and as I was rubbing the chicken clean, curiosity got me when I opened the chicken’s eyelid and revealed a dead glare at me.  Creep-y!

Hi, nice to meet you.

The rest of the steps are quite easy and quick.  After cleaning the chicken, cook the chicken.  You can either steam cook or boil the whole chicken in a big pot.

There's something different about you in this pic...

After it gets magically arranged on a plate, you can start the marinading process.  I have a secret to the wine taste.  You do not need to start from scratch with a mix of spices.  You just need to get in your car and drive over to a supermarket in Richmond and pick up a bottle of Superior Pickling Sauce!  Name does not lie!  This is made in China so where it really comes from, no one knows.  It could be a missing tourist’s kidney juice.

Superior Pickle Sauce

Why is this so superior? Because after trying out many different wine chicken recipes (bottled and also made from scratch), this is the CLOSEST that it will get to tasting like the wine chicken in the Shanghai restaurants.   I don’t know why it’s consider a pickling sauce and it doesn’t say the wine contents, but trust me, this leaves an aftertaste that you would find in a restaurant’s wine chicken.  Do not add salt as the sauce is salty enough.

Chicken drunk in its own juice.

Soak the chicken in the sauce overnight.  A bottle is more than enough for a chicken but I use half a bottle and plan to rotate the pieces halfway to make sure not a piece is missed.  If you keep the skin and bones on, you can get away with half a bottle, if you plan to marinade the meat only (I did that once for the white meat only), no skin, then you will need a whole bottle because it absorbs more.  I like it better with the skin on because it absorbs just the right amount of flavour.

When it’s done marinading, you can serve the pieces with rice.  Save the sauce because that’s the whole purpose of making this, the sauce mixed with chicken juices make great jup (sauce) for rice and bread.

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  1. That chicken looks scrawy. It must get alot of exercise. Thanks for the bottle of wine sauce! I’ll make it a goal to make wine chicken for myself. I don’t think I have the skills to process the chicken on my own tho. I’ll ask Kris to do it 🙂

    • Eric – it’s scrawny because it’s not packed with steroids or that it doesn’t have a gym membership… you don’t need a whole chicken, you can just use wings or whatever part you want marinaded.

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