Vancouver Eats – 6th Avenue Bread & Deli

Fantastic basic deli with fresh bread baked daily, leftovers are given to the local food bank. Bread is baked without preservatives, sugar or trans-fat.  It is *not* gluten free however.  I’ve seen posts on Urbanspoon where the poster mistakenly claims that the bread is gluten free, the owners certainly don’t make this claim. Patch was a regular at this joint and the owner confirmed that they don’t have gluten free bread.

Freshly baked bread

Other dry groceries can be purchased there as well such as pasta, antipestos, sauces, and crackers but it’s the fresh baked goods and the sandwiches that make this store.

Not the prettiest on the block but pretty damn good.

What Patch usually buys is the Monster Sandwich.  Aptly named, this $4.99 (cheap!) sandwich is built around 200g of meat.

You start with the choice of bread, whole wheat or Italian. Then a choice of Cheddar or Edam cheese. Mayo and mustard (regular or Dijon). Then the meat, you get to choose 2 of either Ham, Roast Beef, Corned Beef, Chicken, Beer Sausage, Salami, Capicollo or Turkey (this is off memory!). Then a choice of a wide range of veggies: lettuce, red onions, tomatos, hot peppers…

Beer sausage and capicollo.

My usual is Italian bread with Edam cheese, Dijon mustard, Capicollo + one other meat, and all the veggies except hot peppers.  I love eating hot, but the hot peppers makes the sandwich too wet by the time Patch brings it home.

This thing is massive. I usually have half for lunch and half for dinner. Actually, Patch and I could probably split just one but we get two so that we can have something for a late night snack too.

The breads are fantastic. Loaves of fresh delicious potato onion, olive, French, Italian, rye, flaxseed, egg bread, etc. They’ll slice it for you or you can buy them whole.

Finally, there’s the desserts. Fresh baked pies: apple, peach, blueberry, mmm….along with tarts and squares.

This is a great little deli. Doesn’t look like much but let that put you off!

Selection of desserts

Sixth Avenue Bread & Deli on Urbanspoon


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