What Did I Just Eat?

That's how they roll.

My friend picked up a glutinous rice wrap for me from Osaka/T&T supermarket and this was not what I had in mind when I broked it apart.  I was thinking of the Shanghainese rice wrap with pork floss, chinese doughnut and preserved vegetable.  I ended up with this. 

Broken in half.

I’m not even sure what kind of cuisine this is. It has imitation crab meat, carrot strings, sprouts, vermicelli, marinaded pig’s ear and pickled seaweed.   What’s missing are pig’s intestines and this can be a Taiwanese appetizer platter roll.  Maybe that’s what this is, some sort of Taiwanese roll.  It was weird but when eaten together, it was actually pretty good in a bad way.  It’s very heavy and dense so I got full after eating one.  Cheap too if you’re on a budget – $2.99 for a roll.

If you mix it enough, it'll look like a rice bowl.

If I’m invited to a potluck that I don’t want to go… I would buy a couple of these, break them apart, press the rice on the platter and sprinkle the fillings on top and it’ll look like I spent time making some gourmet taiwanese dish (because I would spend time making something if it’s a party I want to attend duh)… 😀


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  1. That looks disgusting – like half digested food!

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