Silky Smooth Like Buttah

I absolutely love butter beef so I’ve tried to make my own recently.  Even though I used a wrong cut of meat, it still turned out really well and my tummy didn’t have to pay for it.

Ingredients:  thinly sliced beef (I used round eye because Patch bought it for a roast but he cut out a part for me to experiment this dish with – freeze it so that you can easily cut the beef into thin slices), cilantro, a bulb of garlic (yes, a bulb!), red onion, lemon, lime, fish sauce and butter.

Beef, fish sauce, lemon, red onion, lime (not shown), cilantro and butter.

Line the beef slices on the plate and top it with thinly sliced raw onions.

Saute the garlic in butter, then add fish sauce to taste. I used about 2 teaspoons.

Pour the butter garlic sauce evenly on the beef while hot to slightly cook the beef. Sprinkle chopped cilantro and lime juice on top to finish.

IMO, the dish turned out really really well.  I’m sure some would consider eating raw beef is a health hazard (and I agree) but sizzling butter and garlic sure makes everything ok! 😀

If you are wondering what Patch did with the rest of the roast, here it is.

Sorry, no recipe available. But bacon was involved!

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  1. mmmmmm…kinda like asian carpaccio…it looks really really good. I will give this a try, but will probably use tenderloin instead. That’s the Italian in me…
    haha ’cause i’m not, but sounds good, eh?

    Thanks for sharing this. I will definitely try the butter beef. Did this recipe come from somewhere or is it your own invention?

    • The idea came from Phnom Penh cambodia restaurant because I love their butter beef but this recipe was put together by me. I actually tried looking up Butter Beef recipe online but couldn’t find one similar to what I was looking for, so I threw together the ingredients. I think i got the ingredients right, but i never cook with measurements, only by taste so you’ll need to taste test your way thru 🙂

  2. Arghhhh…..I still haven’t tried Phnom Penh yet! I’m so lazy… in Richmond, I think it’s too much of a trek for me. LOL But all these blogs and continuous talk of the butter beef and the chicken wings…..I may just have to suck it up and finally head down there one of these days…..or now I can just make your version at home! But then I have no template to draw off of in terms of how it should taste, so maybe Phnom Penh first and then attempt to make this at home!

    • Hi there, thanks for stopping by!
      Yes, you will definitely have to stop by PP since you’ve already heard so much about the butter beef and chicken wings. Their clear hot and sour soup is wonderful too. 🙂

  3. I heard a lot about butter beef too so I headed to PP and ordered it. I knew it will be raw beef but when they brought it over, I just couldnt bring myself to eat it. I just couldnt eat raw beef. I’m fine with sushi and raw oysters but not raw beef. Anyway, I asked them to microwave it a bit to cook it. The waitress looked at me funny but either that or just waste it.

    • oh noes, i hope you didn’t waste it! i think it’s the sauce that makes the dish such a hit. if you didn’t eat the beef, hope you made use of the vinaigrette and mixed it with rice or whatever… or drink it lol

  4. I am so in love with PP’s butter beef. But I noticed you didn’t use a lime or sugar as their sauce does have a sweetness. Would the lime also help to ‘cook’ the beef like it does in ceviche?

    • Hi Scooby, opps I forgot to mention the lime! Yes, I added a dash of lime in the sauce and more on top of the beef slices (right after I laid them out). I didn’t add sugar to the sauce though but good idea, I may do that next time!

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