Vancouver Eats – Angkor Cambodian Restaurant

I went to Angkor Cambodian restaurant for lunch today with a friend.  There’s a big sign that says Cambodian Noodle House which I thought that was the name of the restaurant.

My friend highly recommended the Beef Stew with flat noodles.  But I wanted something soupy, and something that’s not blah, I decided to try the Lemongrass Chicken Sour Soup (it didn’t indicate hot, but the chinese translation says it’s hot and sour).  That was the soup without a photo on the menu.

Jar of chilis at every table.

I noticed that there was a jar of chilis at every table and usually I take advantage of free condiments offered like fried or fresh garlic (at ramen restaurants), but since I was recovering from the flu, I didn’t want to risk having a ring of fire that night. 

The spring rolls with sweet chili sauce.

The spring rolls were okay, I’ve had better.  The filling was a little on the dry side and the sweet chili complemented it well.  My friend pointed out that the spring rolls were crispier on her previous visit.

Beef stew with flat noodles.

My friend’s beef stew was tasty but oily.  Her noodles are the same as the ones used in pho.  It was served hot and garnished with cilantro and green onions.

Lemongrass chicken in sour soup with rice.

My soup was more sour than hot.  I hope that one chili was for garnish and if that’s what the chef relied on to give the hot taste, then it explains why it wasn’t very hot!  The chicken served were dark meat and with quite a few pieces.  However, the chicken was not chopped cleanly (knife not sharp enough?) as the bones were broken into little pieces.  Lots of lemongrass and basil leaves.  I wish they would serve this with noodles instead of a big plate of white rice.

What is this???

There were a few pieces of this in my soup.  It’s hard and when I bit into it, it released a natural sour flavour.  It’s not edible. I’m glad that this unknown ingredient is what’s making my soup sour instead of vinegar.  It looks like cuttlefish, but it’s probably some sort of root.  Does anyone know?

"Iced tea"

The prices are not bad, a small bowl of noodles is $6.25 and my soup was $7.95.   They also serve tom yum soup and coconut sour soup.  They charge HST but it’s not indicated on the hand written check so if you add everything up, it doesn’t add up.

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