Pinehouse’s White Radish Cakes & A Failed Experiment

Tonight was a lazy night for dinner, Patch and I didn’t feel like cooking so I asked him to pick up radish/daikon cakes (lor bahk goh) from Pinehouse Bakery.

He came home with 2 orders of radish cakes for less than $10 ($4.80 each). I love white radish cakes and I didn’t expect much from a bakery.  But it wasn’t too bad, it’s not packed with dried shrimps but you can taste the radish and see strings of it.  Some places cut costs and have more fillers like starch more than the radish.  Some adds dried scallops and chinese sausage but it wouldn’t be less than $5.

Pinehouse Bakery - packed ready for gift-giving (well, kinda...!)

Just add oil and pan-fry

I cut into thicker slices than usual because it was falling apart but I managed to keep most of it together on the pan.  Do not add salt as these are salty enough.


Hot sauce, with dried scallops, soya sauce and sesame oil.

Hot sauce goes really well with radish cakes, especially XO sauce or Sriracha sauce.  But I had some leftover dried scallops (already soaked) sitting around so I tried mixing my own dip.


Chili paste, dried scallops, sugar, soya sauce and sesame oil.



It did not work out AT ALL.  It could be that the soya sauce evaporated and left the salt.  It did nothing for the scallops either.  I’m guessing I should try frying it first to get the flavour out before doing this.  Oh well – FAIL!

Pine House Bakery on Urbanspoon


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