The Start of Potty Training Adventures

Attempts to potty train Little Patch has all been crap, down the drain.   Few months ago, Patch and I have bought LP a cute portable potty (because cuteness plays a vital role in squeezing a poop out right?) in hopes to get LP potty trained.

We were hoping that combined with the use of cloth diapers, which isn’t as absorbent (meaning: comfortable in pee) as disposable, LP would start using a toilet, just like the rest of us. We bought an actual potty, and not a mini seat that attaches to an adult toilet because I didn’t want to freak him out as putting a baby on an adult toilet is like pushing a puppy into the mouth of a live volcano.

But Little Patch is one dirty baby.  He doesn’t cry when his diaper is soiled.  He cries and fights his way out of getting his diaper changed (changing him myself is like a UFC fight).  He has absolutely no interest in being potty trained.

After reading some articles on training, I tried to find a consistent time that he normally poops so that we can start putting him on the potty when it’s around  pooptime.  When he’s in cloth diapers, it’s hard to tell when he pooped or when he’s in disposables, his farts confuses me as poo.  And he farts a lot.  Which I realized that recently, he’s been tilting to the side, raising one bum cheek up when he releases a fart.  Just like Patch.

After a week, my mom and I find that he poops during meal times.  So unless we want to start feeding him while he’s on the can, we will have to wait and find a better time to start the training again.  It’s a break from hearing my mom go “mmm mmm” to encourage his bowel movement as I dangle his butt over the potty.

I’m really hoping that he’ll be potty trained soon so I can start teaching him calculus by the time he’s one.

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  1. This a funny post. I just love your joke about LP and P farting the same way. Like father like son? LOL. Wow you’re toilet training your baby before the age one. I thought they cant be toilet trained until after 2 yrs old. But maybe I heard that line from a diaper company. With you guys being such successful parents I think you’re not kidding about teaching LP calculus when he reached the age of one. Or at the very least use the calculus book as flash cards. LOL.

    • i honestly don’t know when’s the appropriate time to start training. And you’re probably right about a diaper company feeding info that it’s later than it should be. Since we use cloth diapers, we should be okay if we delay it a bit cost-wise! haha

  2. hilarious mo…..
    this is a priceless post….I am imagining this being read to Little Patch in a banquet hall full of people……..on his wedding day 🙂

  3. We have the exact same potty (in red though)! Very easy to clean. Just watch where his fire hose is pointing or else you’ll be cleaning more than just the potty…

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