Salesrep Dishonest Tactics

I hate going to Future Shop to shop but sometimes I have to because the man needs something essential that he can’t find at his favourite computer shop.

When I walk into Future Shop, I go my own way to browse, usually at laptops or video games.  Then a piranha comes out and questions what I’m looking for.  It’s like they rarely try to find something suitable for you but rather than find something that fits in the high end of your price range.

But what I’m about to say is even worse because it should be a crime!!!  When we go to FS and grab what we need, we bee line it to the cashier right away.  We didn’t get any help, we didn’t need any help.  But a piranha will pop up right before you reach the cashier.

FS piranha: Did anyone help you with those?
You: No.
FS piranha: Let me help you with your items. *takes your stuff*

Before you can say anything, they will either:

a) scribble their employee number on your stuff
b) place a sticker with their employee number on your stuff (I don’t think Future Shop does the sticker bit, but Sports Chek are awful with their white stickers).
c) bring it to the cashier and tell them they helped you so the cashier will log it under their employee number and then they disappear.

This really pisses me off.  I shouldn’t be generalizing all salesreps to be dirty piranhas but I’ve seen these tactics being used more often than being left alone.  I categorize these people in the same group of telemarketers that call me during my dinner.

I once walked away from buying an item because this was done.  I understand that sales reps rely on quotas to keep their jobs, or commission to feed their families but there is a level of dishonesty here.  I don’t mind giving commission to a rep but I mind if the rep doesn’t tell me up front and especially if they did not help me and only came to help when they saw that I was carrying something.


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