Valentine’s Dinner Part 4 (Final) – Duck on Duck Action

Duck breasts were Patch’s money dish of the night along with a foie gras sidedish.   It was really good but so so fattening.  But then when you’re on a roll with crab brains and foie gras, why stop and think about your health?

I am aware of how ducks are raised and force fed to get them and their liver plumped but I am sorry, I just don’t think about it… and if I do, I end up craving instead.

Duck Breasts with port and Cherry Sauce
Foie Gras Side Dish

Duck Breast Ingredients: Fresh duck breasts (skins on), 1 chopped shallot, handful of pitted cherries, half a can of chicken stock, and port.

Foie Gras Ingredients: foie gras, pitted prunes, port.

Picked up the meat from Armando's in Granville Island. Four duck breasts for less than $40 and a piece of foie gras for $10.

Soak the prunes (take out the pit) and pitted cherries in port for about an hour.

Season the duck breast skin with salt and pepper, then place on a dry frying pan, skin down. Do not add oil.

Turn on low heat for about 10 minutes until the fat has been rendered. Then turn up the heat a bit so the skin is slightly crisp and golden brown.

Flip the breasts and cook the other for about 3 minutes until it feels slightly springy. Then remove to a plate. Keep the fat. Duck should be medium rare, any more cooked you may as well get a bucket of fried chicken and watch me eat.

Stir in the shallot, port and pitted cherries (it's prunes above, but it's the same step for the sauce for both dishes) on medium heat. Pour the sauce aside. Add cornflour if you want thicker sauce.

Pat the foie gras dry. Heat the frying pan (or cast iron) on medium heat. Do not add oil.

Place the foie gras on the pan and sear until it is brown.

Turn, and sear the other side. Cook for a few minutes, keep a close eye on it because the longer you cook it, the smaller it gets! Place the foie gras on a plate.

Use the same steps for the cherry sauce with prunes instead.  As you can tell, the prune sauce is an experiment that worked out quite well.  Although I do not like cherries, the cherry sauce did not have any cherry taste because of the port.  Since the sauce is cooked with duck oil, you will need to eat it while it’s hot, or it will solidify.  Microwaving the sauce is okay.

If you have more duck oil (no duck goes to waste in our kitchen), pan fry potatoes in them which was what Patch for his plate (since he won’t be eating the shellfish).

We needed some veggies on the plate so we stir fried the bok choy in butter.

This is my dish, trying to practice my plating skills. 🙂

Patch cares about making room for his potato cakes (Season potato squares with salt and pepper and fry in leftover duck oil).

Medium rare duck breast.

Finally, my duck on duck pic... foie gras slathered on duck breast. That was a taste of heaven! This was why I married Patch.

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  1. Wow thats a foodie porn right there. The medium rare duck breast picture is the money shot. And to top it with foie gras, its so absolutely mouth watering. Thanks for posting.

  2. oh my…too bad patch is married 🙂

    glad your vday was a yummy one!

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