Oscars Thoughts

Hours away from the Oscars, finally had the chance to put Little Patch to nap so I can complete my Oscars predictions with the hubby.  He’s not really into the the Oscars so this is just a lottery game to him.  I’m a major celebrity news junkie ever since I could read so I have many many thoughts.  Though I’ve yet find myself ever on the same wave as the Academy.

This year, I am biased.  Even if my gut instinct tells me otherwise, I will refuse to pick any winners from Black Swan, The Social Network, and The Kids are All Right.  I’ve seen all the movies and I could not find a reason to like it.

Best Picture
Academy’s pick – ‘The King’s Speech’.
The Academy is mainly comprised with members that came from that era so there’s some familiarity when picking the Best Picture.
My pick – ‘Inception’.
The Academy hates Leonardo but hopefully they love the movie.  Not very likely though.  Let’s hope. Nah, they won’t. So conflicted.

Best Director
Academy’s pick – Darren Aronofsky ‘Black Swan’.
It’s the year of the Black Swan.  And how is he linked to the success of Natalie Portman other than directing her?  He introduced her to her baby daddy, choreographer of Black Swan (at this moment, no one seems to remember that the baby daddy was in a long term relationship and left his ex-gf for Natalie).
My pick – Tom Hooper ‘The King’s Speech’.
He’s not well known enough to the academy.

Best Actor
Academy’s pick – Colin Firth ‘The King’s Speech’.
My pick – Jeff Bridges ‘True Grit’.
It’s a tossed up between the two.  They were both good.  Jeff could be the one that takes home the little gold man.  But the academy hates me too so they will give it to someone else other than Jeff.  Sorry, Jeff!

Best Actress
Academy’s pick – Natalie Portman ‘Black Swan’.
This is her year, pregnant, engaged, even her other movie ‘No Strings Attached’ made money. She is the academy’s sweetheart tonight.  Hopefully, she won’t fall into the Best Actress curse of a failed relationship shortly after.
My pick – Jennifer Lawrence ‘Winter’s Bone’.
She was good.  I like that she’s unknown at the time this movie came out but that can work against her.  But wow, she’s quite pretty with make up though!  Nicole Kidman is a good actress but not a spectacular one that deserves a second little man unfortunately.

Best Supporting Actor
Academy’s pick – Geoffrey Rush ‘The King’s Speech’.  This may be the movie that clean sweeps the awards.
My pick – Christian Bale ‘The Fighter’.  There’s a method to his madness and I think that it’s due time that he gets a shiny statue for the roles that he has physically prepped for.

Best Supporting Actress
Academy’s pick – Melissa Leo ‘The Fighter’.
My pick – same as above.
It’s a toss up between Hailee Steinfeld and Melissa but Melissa edges Hailee out in terms of experience.

Well, these are all the categories that matters to me.  The Oscars are now starting in 2 minutes!


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