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Oahu’s Triple D – Did Someone Say Malasadas?

Leonard's Bakery on Kapahulu Avenue

Anyone who read any Hawaiian foodie blogs, forums or talked to locals would have heard of malasadas, especially from Leonard’s Bakery.  Malasadas originated from Portugal and it’s a fried pastry with custard filling dusted with granulated sugar on top.    When you bite into the pastry part, the texture is like a type of flat chinese doughnut – Ox tongue pastry (ngau lay so) mixed with TimBits.

The place and ONLY place we heard anyone recommend getting malasadas from is Leonard’s Bakery.  On our previous visits, Patch and I were able to polish off  at least half a dozen in a sitting.  However, now we can barely finish 2 each in a sitting.  Must be old age… Read the rest of this entry

Oahu’s Triple D – Dole Plantation

Welcome to the Dole Plantation! Plenty of free parking. Sometimes there's a really ghetto farmer's market outside.

Like the Polynesian Cultural Centre, Pearl Harbor and other touristy places, the Dole Plantation is a must go-to (or return) places.  It’s main (paying) attractions are the world’s largest maze, garden tour, and and the pineapple express (train).  I did the maze years ago for free but that’s because I accidentally went in through the exit.  Not that I would suggest anyone to try that.  😉

I return to the plantation for an entirely different reason.  Souvenirs.  Maybe it’s branding, but I associate dole with quality canned fruits.  Haha… it’s an oxymoron, isn’t it…?   And didn’t they invented the pineapple?  Hah! Read the rest of this entry

Oahu’s Triple D – Macky’s Kahuku Sweet Shrimp

We were lucky that no one was there mid-day. Only 5 minute wait! Macky chilling outside his truck.

This is probably Giovanni‘s biggest competitor in the shrimp shack business and I have to say that Giovanni’s gets my vote hands down.  I don’t even know why I came to try.  Perhaps this differentiates foodies who likes saucy food or not.  Read the rest of this entry

Oahu’s Triple D – Alan Wong’s (Honolulu)

This is one restaurant that I feel strongly recommending friends to go yet I don’t have many photos to share from my past experiences.  It doesn’t matter if you end up loving it or hating it, if you’re looking for a night of fine dining, Alan Wong is a must try.

Maybe I am biased because one of the best dish I have ever tasted is from Alan Wong’s.  It is the fois gras congee with quail egg.  It is not because it’s fois gras, but the texture of the congee is ‘watery thick’ like a rice puree that brought out all the flavours and intensified it.  Does that make sense?

I wish I took a better photo. It seems as though this bowl was made for the congee.

The first time I came was during my honeymoon couple of years ago.  Patch must’ve told them that it was our honeymoon because when we arrived, we had a customized menu with our names printed and the staff’s signatures around it.  It was simple but very touching. We even got a free dessert sampler.

Patch and I each got a free dessert on our honeymoon visit.

There’s also the never ending debate of AW vs. Roys but menus always change and everyone’s perspective on food is different.  Whichever restaurant we all prefer, there’s one thing that we can agree on.  Service is important and AW delivers. Read the rest of this entry

Oahu Triple D – Goma Ichi Ramen with a side of Chin Ho (Ala Moana)

A couple of glowing reviews have pointed us to Goma Ichi Ramen by Ala Moana for a late lunch.  I wanted to visit The Counter (which I was glad I didn’t as I’ve heard not-so-stellar reviews about the burger joint) mainly because I heard that you could bump into Daniel Dae Kim there!  But I am more of a ramen lover than a patty person so off to Goma we went.

When we arrived, there was a 20 minutes wait at the door.  No wait area or extra seating.  You can wait inside right next to the patrons or outside where you have to come back in often to see where you’re at on the waitlist.  I did not see the staff go out to call anyone.  Patch and I chose the path to annoy the customers that are already seated.

Our view while we were waiting.

There are only a few tables and 2 counters worth of seating area.  The feeling I got was that this is a quick-bite-and-go type of place.  Read the rest of this entry

Oahu’s Triple D – Wahoo’s Fish Taco (Ward)

This is one of the few chains that we’ve visited while on the island.  It was Patch that suggested coming here because it was before we discovered the local gems for fresh seafood (post on Uncle’s Fish Market & Grill coming up soon, full of dishes and reviews from there) but you know what, it was satisfying. Read the rest of this entry

Oahu’s Triple D – Quick Break from Liliha Bakery

Their signature box is recognized by all locals.

Lilihua Bakery is a popular bakery with locals.  Since I’m not a pastry fan (which by now, I’m convinced that Hawaii can convert me to like a lot of foods that I normally go meh about – except ginger… no freaking way), I wasn’t particularly excited about eating a pastry puff.  I’ve had Costco’s cream puffs to Beard Papa’s puffs, aren’t they all the same?

Well, guess a coco puff with the nickname Magic Puff does not fall into that category.  The size of these puffs are big.  Took about 4-5 bites to finish it.

These are BIG and I don't mean 2 bites big. This is a dessert on its own.

The pastry is dense and heavy.  It’s definitely not a light puff.  Its topping is chantilly which tastes vanilla-y, tooth-aching-ly sweet and has a coconut flake texture.  I just googled for chantilly recipes and most recipes also calls for mac nuts as well which I couldn’t tell if this has mac nuts… well, if I had a nut allergy, I would know but I don’t.  When you bite into it, you can feel the pulp from the icing.  You have to eat the icing with the puff, do not lick the icing off first or you’ll be picking up your teeth from the floor.

The buttery smooth chocolate pudding filling.

I was sold when I heard it’s chocolate filled.  Unlike the chantilly topping, the chocolate pudding is not too sweet so it balances nicely with the pastry puff and the mountain of sugar on top.  I couldn’t help but stick my tongue in to fish out the pudding.  Classy, I know.  But if this stuff comes in a jar on its own, I would get a truckload of it and eat it with a spoon. Read the rest of this entry

Oahu’s Triple D – Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck

The sign is on the same truck as we saw 2 years ago.

There’s always a debate on which is the best shrimp truck on the island.  My favourite one is Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck.  Sure, I’ve had other ones in the city (which none was worth remembering the name) and other top contenders like Fumi’s Kahuku Shrimp and Macky’s.  Maybe I went on an off day, but Macky’s was not good at all, or maybe it has something to do with the fact that it was included with the ‘Lost’ tour.

You’ll be seeing a lot of shrimp trucks along North Shore (abour 75-90 min drive from Honolulu) near Kahuku (a shrimp aquaculture area), and I have to say that Fumi’s and Giovanni’s are relatively good.  But if you try other places first, you may not be disappointed when you try Giovanni’s after.  As some people can get pretty heated in who-has-the-best-shrimps debates, so I’ll stop comparing it to other shrimp trucks.  Read the rest of this entry

Oahu’s Triple D – Sam’s Kitchen (Waikiki)

It’s so hard to find a Japanese restaurant in the Waikiki area that’s open at 11am for lunch on a Friday.  The ones I found had huge padlocks on it or a big handwritten sign in Japanese.  We stumbled on a stand called Sam’s Kitchen.  What attracted me to go check out the menu was the smell of fried garlic.

Sam's Kitchen - menu on the right

At first, we tried to fit 2 strollers up top which fits but we had no place to sit and eat.  It turns out that behind Sam’s Kitchen are a few more stands that sells drinks, noodles and takoyaki.  Sam told us it’s ok to eat there (for the entire time we were there, no one went to those stands anyway). Read the rest of this entry

Oahu’s Triple D – Pukadog (Waikiki Town Centre)

While strolling on Kuhio to look for my favourite yakisoba restaurant which unfortunately closed down, I encountered a couple of restaurants on the way for some lunch and saw the sign.

How appetizing... how I call it... Puke-A-Dog... hmmm yums, MUST TRY!

The line-up didn’t seem long so I started to line up with my friend.  It was a really really slow moving line.  Read the rest of this entry