Oahu’s Triple D – Me’s Bar-B-Que (Waikiki)

At first, I thought the restaurant is called Sunny's. I guess Sunny is the owner of the restaurant. Check our #8 - FRIED MAN DOO!

Our hotel was located a block from Me’s Bar-B-Que and in my last few trips, we have eaten here many times, not because of its location, but because the Kal Bi is soooooo good.  This is a lot better than the short ribs at AAA Local Bbq

Most of the seating area is outside.

#45 - Portugese sausage with egg and toast

The portugese sausage is really good and lots of spices in the mix but not too strong.  This sausage reminds me of the pork sausages in the chinese meat shops in Vancouver.   The breakfast is what it is, breakfast with toast and eggs.  The sunny side eggs weren’t overcooked as I like to take my risk of catching salmonella. The butter square provided is WHIPPED butter!

#1 - Kal bi (BBQ short ribs)

This is my favourite part of the meal.  I LOVE THESE RIBS.  Why?  Because they don’t suck.  They are thin and juicy and packed with flavour.  The flavour is infused into the meat so it’s not very saucy with is good.  The orders come in half or full sizes.  Half is just the meat.  Full includes rice, some veggies, bean sprouts, and a small portion of jap chae (yam noodles).  I ordered the half order, why waste my precious tummy real estate on starch (well, I could use some veggies but I’m on vacation)?

The meat is very tender, flavourful and juicy throughout

#36 - Kal Bi BBQ and Chicken Katsu (Fried chicken steak)

This is the full order of Kal Bi and Chicken Katsu.  The chicken katsu is lightly fried and not oily.  It looks like it’s fried in tempura flakes and not flour. The batter is tasty but the meat is a little bland.   It comes with tonkatsu sauce which goes well with the rice.

Lightly fried chicken katsu

My own version of sausage and rib breakfast sandwich

The prices are reasonable and there are endless options if you like the Korean staples.  If you’re not feeling Korean food, their breakfast plates are pretty good too.  On this trip, we came back twice. 🙂

Me's Bar-B-Que on Urbanspoon

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  1. Wow. Those portions look huge!! My mouth is watering now. Btw, how much is that half order of short ribs? That box looks totally packed. What a way to start a b-fast. *drool*

  2. Do you what time does the store open?

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