Oahu’s Triple D – Iyasume Musubi Express

If you have a rental car in Oahu, it’s very likely you will be going on long rides. That day we planned to go to Ko Olina beach and it’s about an hour ride out of the city.  So we needed to pack some quick goodies.  When you have 2 babies with you, it wasn’t an option to pack a romantic picnic basket.  We found Iyasume Musubi next to the King’s Court in Waikiki.

There's no eye catching storefront sign, but you will need to keep an eye out for the menus of the restaurants located inside.

Iyasume also served bento boxes but we got only musubi.  Mainly spam musubi as Patch looooooves spam.  Spam is something that I eww at but somehow I admit I cannot just take one bite whenever I eat something with spam (ie.  instant noodles with spam in Hong Kong, spam musubis, etc).   I don’t buy cans of spam at home though.  It’s like eating a can of msg, really.

It's the last store of the mini mall. There's a big rice ball in front!

The place is packed by lunch time. Next door is a ramen joint.

From left to right - Spam and melted cheese, spam with cuke and plum, just spam, and spam, bacon and egg (breakfast special)

Why is this place so popular since you can buy spam musubis anywhere.  I was told by a local that Iyasume uses high quality rice for the rice balls and musubis.

It is cheap too and big.  It’s the size of my fist and costs around $1.88 – $2.50.  There are also combos including miso and salad.

The miso soup is not up to Vancouver standards. It was watery with a handful of tasteless chopped chives. No tofu or seaweed. It's so watery that you don't see the miso settling.

The salad is better than the miso but nothing special about it. Spring greens, cukes, shredded carrots and imitation crab meat.

YUMMY! We ended up buying a bunch for the flight back home

Iyasume Musubi on Urbanspoon


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