Oahu’s Triple D – Honolulu’s Saturday Farmer’s Market

If you are staying in a condo with a kitchen, it’s worth it to visit Honolulu’s premiere Saturday Farmer’s Market for some fresh goods.  I wasn’t able to eat out every meal when travelling with 2 babies, so we decided to stock up on fresh produce.  One drawback is that we couldn’t cook with lots of spices since it’s not worth it to buy a spice rack for a couple of meals.

The market entrance. We don't know the girls... Kawaii! Whee!

The market is located in parking lot of the Kapiolani Community College.  When you arrive, it is likely that the parking lot is full, but the turnover is high and you’ll find a spot shortly.  I find that Hawaiians are also very polite, if you are waiting for a spot, every car behind you waits patiently.  Unlike Vancouver, where you will either get honked or the cars behind will speed by on purpose.

Kona Crater Coffee.

You can find organic vegetables, coffee, abalone, organic beef, fresh sweet corn, marinated butterfish, fresh flowers, and local dairy products here.  The market takes up about 3-4 rows of parking with plenty of space for strollers.

Lots of greens.

Fresh greens are available on various stands.

Fresh flowers.

Organic avocadoes larger than my hand. The papayas are a lot larger than the ones in Vancouver.

Unique flavour popsicles.

Full list of flavours offered that day.

Fresh abalone stand. You can buy a fresh bag to cook at home, or grilled abalone to eat there. This is the first time I've seen a live abalone.

Hey you, hey!

If you haven't seen enough, wait for the next post. 🙂

$6 for 2 grilled abalone. You can pair it with ponzu, tabasco or soy sauce.

Has a nice meaty crunch. It's attached to the shell.

Naked Cow Dairy is a local farm. Picked up garlic and herb butter.

The Ono One Sausage Co. Couldn't resist joining the crowd lining up for the sausage on a (chop)stick.

How do like your sausage?

Kim chee and pineapple sausage. The kim chee one was mild spicy with cabbage bits. The pineapple one was plain but with pineapple bits. Also tried the chorizo, spicy and italian which I think it's very similar. If no one told me what each was, I wouldn't be able to tell those apart.

Fried Green Tomatoes!

Working hard at frying tomatoes. They kinda look like onion rings.

This trip at the farmer’s market was a fun one.  Sure, Vancouver has a lot of farmer’s markets but I think it’s more fun when there’s a large one where you can a variation of items from one place.


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  1. Thank you for the pics of mui mui jei. 🙂

    You should have tried one of those Popsicles. Flavors look interesting!

  2. YUM! Great post! So, if I were to get an apartment with a kitchen on my visit, what types of Spices should I bring to my vacation kitchen? What did you wish you had?

    • I wouldn’t bother buying spices… the spices we used for the steaks were from the Dole Plantation giftshop. They have jams, spices, dressing, I bought some and then took the leftovers home (except the dressing).

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